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Charleston Crusaders Meet the Team

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Charleston Crusaders. Meet the Team. Kurt Warner. Position – QB Jersey Number – 13 Height – 6’2’’ Weight – 214 lb. Fun Fact – has his own cereal named “Warner Crunchtime ”. Adrian Peterson. Position – Running Back Jersey Number – 28 Height – 6’ 1’’ Weight – 217 lb. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Charleston CrusadersMeet the TeamKurt WarnerPosition QBJersey Number 13Height 62Weight 214 lb.Fun Fact has his own cereal named Warner Crunchtime

Adrian PetersonPosition Running BackJersey Number 28Height 6 1Weight 217 lb.Fun Fact - Adrian is superstitious about the fit of his shoes. They must feel perfect before he leaves the locker room.

Mike SellersPosition FullbackJersey Number 45Height 6 3Weight 273Fun Fact - Attended Walla Walla Community College in Walla Walla, Washington.

Larry FitzgeraldPosition Wide ReceiverJersey Number 11Height 6 3Weight 218 lb.Fun Fact - Was drafted third overall in the 2004 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals.

Anquan BoldinPosition Wide ReceiverJersey Number 81Height 6 1Weight 217 lb.Fun Fact - Named the state of Florida's "Mr. Football"

Jason WittenPosition Tight EndJersey Number 85Height 6 5Weight 263 lb.Fun Fact - Witten went from being a defensive end prospect to a record breaking tight end at the University of Tennesse

Jordan GrossPosition Offensive TackleJersey Number 69Height 6 4Weight 300 lb.Fun Fact - Drafted by the Panthers eighth overall in the 2003 NFL Draft

Walter JonesPosition Offensive TackleJersey Number 71Height 6 5Weight 324 lb.Fun Fact - drafted by the Seahawks sixth overall in the 1997 NFL Draft

Steve HutchinsonPosition Offensive GuardJersey Number 76Height 6 5Weight 313 lb.Fun Fact - Originally entered fall practice as a defensive lineman at University of Michigan

Chris SneePosition Offensive GuardJersey Number 75Height 6 5Weight 325 lb.Fun Fact - Gave up his final year of college eligibility to make himself eligible for the NFL Draft

Andre GurodePosition CenterJersey Number 65Height 6 4Weight 318 lb.Fun Fact - Was a PrepStar and SuperPrep All-America

Julius PeppersPosition Defensive EndJersey Number 90Height 6 7Weight 283 lb.Fun Fact - won the Chuck Bednarik Award for the nation's top defensive player and the Lombardi Award as the best collegiate lineman in 2001

Justin TuckPosition Defensive EndJersey Number 91Height 6 5Weight 271 lb.Fun Fact - former standout defensive end for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Kevin WilliamsPosition Defensive TackleJersey Number 93Height 6 5Weight 311 lb.Fun Fact - selected by the Vikings with the 9th pick of the first round in the 2003 NFL Draft

Jay RatliffPosition Defensive TackleJersey Number 89Height 6 5Weight 303 lb.Fun Fact - made his first NFL start on October 9, 2005

DeMarcus WarePosition Outside LinebackerJersey Number 94Height 6 4Weight 262 lb.Fun Fact - considered the best 3-4 outside linebacker by Sporting News

Lance Briggs Position Outside LinebackerJersey Number 55Height 6 1Weight 242 lb.Fun Fact - was a two-time first-team All-Pac-10 Conference selection as a linebacker at the University of Arizona

Patrick WillisPosition Inside LinebackerJersey Number 52Height 6 1Weight 240 lb.Fun Fact - named the 2007 AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

Charles WoodsonPosition CornerJersey Number 21Height 6 1Weight 204 lb.Fun Fact - the only player in the history of NCAA Division I-A football to win the Heisman Trophy

Antoine WilfieldPosition CornerJersey Number 26Height 5 9Weight 180 lb.Fun Fact - made his first Pro Bowl in 2008.

Nick CollinsPosition Free SafetyJersey Number 36Height 5 11Weight 200 lb.Fun Fact - has been a Packer his entire NFL career

Jeff FeaglesPosition PunterJersey Number 10Height 6 1Weight 215 lb.Fun Fact - known for using the "coffin corner" punt

John CarneyPosition PlacekickerJersey Number 28Height 5 11Weight 185 lb.Fun Fact - Carney was third on the NFL career scoring list with a career total of 2,044 points