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  • 1. Games Cheating Assaf Nativ

2. About me- Sentrigo -> McAfee -> Intel- I write a blog- Which kinda sucks- Im not sure why- I get about 10 entries a day- Its like nothing- There are billions of Internet users, but just about 10 of themvisits my blog 3. Why to cheat- Fun- Profit- Gain knowledge- Its fun- Competitive nature- And its fun 4. What you can gain from this talk- Real world hacking- A good place to start from- Money- Facebook height score- Lots of fun 5. Terms used in the cheating world* God mode* Wall hack* Map hack* Speed hack* Glitch* Aim bot* Save game attack* UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START AKA The Konami Code 6. Lame!or not? 7. How?- Bots- Trainer- Patching- Hooking- Network 8. Is it legal?Lets read the EULA 9. Nop :( 10. My computerI can do the fuck I want 11. HookingIn so many ways 12. Windows APISetWindowsHookEx 13. DetoursMs-Research / Easyhook... 14. Import Address Table Jeffrey Richter 15. Proxy DLL 16. Hooking Speed hack GetSystemTime!Kernel32.dll GetTickCount!Kernel32.dll SetTimer!User32.dll timeGetTime!Winmm.dll 17. Hooking - Wallhack DirectX / OpenGL 18. Network 19. Random 20. Trainer- Map hacking 21. PatchingFor godmod 22. SWF - Patching 23. Anti-Cheating 24. Why? 25. Blizzard Warden 26. ValveAnti-Cheat 27. The quest for the uncheatable game 28. Put it all in the Server 29. Are we done now? 30. BotsBejeweled Demo 31. Bots and the Poker table Where the real money goes 32. Just use 33. The real world 34. SummeryClick to add subtitle 35. Links 36. Its only cheating if you get caughtAl Bundy