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  • Application • For dicing of feta, blue or

    yellow cheese

    Functionality • Cutting by string or knives • Capacity up to 2000 kg/h • Pneumatic or servomotor for

    guiding and dividing the cheese

    • Stand-alone electrical control system or integrated with CabinControl

    Advantages • Easy cleaning • Easy change of cutting

    string or knives • Easy to change format • Clean cut, minimal crumbling • Low maintenance

    Cheese dicer

    C A B I N P L AN T P R O D U C T S H E E T

    Cabinplant manufactures a cheese dicer for feta cheese, blue cheese and yellow cheese. The Cabinplant cheese dicer for feta can cut the cheese into dices from 6x6x6 mm and up to 16x16x16 mm in one operation, accurate and gentle.

    Cabinplant A/S Roesbjergvej 9 DK-5683 Haarby Denmark

    The cooker/cooler has a capacity of 6500 kg/hour at a cooking time of 3 minutes. The mussels have reached a core temperature of 75°C, and by using 5-8 m3 ice water they are cooled down to 12-15°C

    Example: Cheese dicer for feta Capacity 800-2000 kg/h Height (H) 2500 mm Width (W) 700 mm Length (L) 2650 mm


    H W


    H W



    02 .0

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    .0 1m

    bs 10


    T: 708-738-6549 E: Typewritten text Tel : 708-738-6549 Typewritten text E:


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