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  • 1. A Little Chemical Romance By Modupe Alabi April 3, 2009 Ms. Campbell

2. Chemical Reactions as Related to High School Drama

  • Today, well learn about chemical reactions. Why do they matter? In case you didnt understand it from the textbook, think of a chemical reaction as a high school couple.
  • Observe

3. Single Displacement

  • In this, one element replaces another in a compound. Two reactants yield two products. Like when zinc combines with hydrochloric acid, the zinc replaces hydrogen. The chemical equation for this single replacement reaction looks like:
  • So lets pretend that Zn is a girl who has a crush on Cl. She also hates his girlfriend H. So she figures shed make a better girlfriend for Cl and convinces him toreplace H with herself, Zn.
  • Get it? Good. Next

4. Synthesis

  • In this type of reaction, two elements combine to form a compound. Two reactants yield one product. Like simple hydrogen gas combined with simple oxygen gas produces water.
  • So lets pretend that H 2and O really like each other. So they decide tobecome a couple . Now theyre so happy together!
  • Get it? Awesome. Next
  • +=

5. Double Displacement

  • In this reaction, parts of two compounds switch places to form two new compounds. Two reactants yield two products. Like when silver nitrate combines with sodium chloride, the two new compounds silver chloride and sodium nitrate are formed because the sodium and silver switched places.
  • So remember that old ex-girlfriend? Yeah. Shes angry that she got dumped for another girl so she tells her ex (Ag) that karmas going to get him. Instantly. Later, his new girlfriend (NO 4 ) dumps him for another dude (Na), and he ends up with this other dudes ex (Cl)even though he doesnt really like her. Sothey all got switched thats instant karma for you.
  • Good ? Great. Lets move on

6. Decomposition

  • In this, a compound breaks down into its make up elements. One reactant yields 2 or more products. Basically, synthesis and decomposition reactions are opposites. This is like when water can be broken down into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.
  • So this other couple (2H 2 O)They thought they were high school sweethearts, but by the second semester of senior year they stopped liking each other, well she (SH 2)stopped liking him (O) because he was annoying. She realized it was time for abreakup . So she decided tobreak away .
  • Good? That rocks.

7. Endothermic

  • An endothermic reaction is any chemical reaction that absorbs heat from its environment. This is like photosynthesis (chlorophyll is used to react carbon dioxide plus water plus energy to make glucose and oxygen)
  • 6H 2 O + 6CO 2 C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2
  • So basically, this new girl just realized how fast shes been replaced, and so does the other dude. Itsbuilding up insidethem because they are taking in all this energy sucking out all the heat from their surroundings . Thats why endothermic reactions drop the temperature
  • Good? But its not over

8. Combustion (Exothermic)

  • A combustion reaction is a chemical reaction that involves oxygen and produces energy (heat) so rapidly that a flame results. This reaction occurs between certain compounds, especially organic compounds, oxygen, and hydrocarbons, which are carbon and hydrogen attached. The products of this reaction include carbon dioxide and water.
  • CH 4+ 2O 2 CO 2+ 2H 2 O
  • So basically, this new couple is really angry. So they go over to the new couple thats all happy, and make them angry. They all get so angry that theyblowup at each other , and scream!
  • Understand? Awesomeness! Lets move on.

9. Songs

  • 1. My Chemical Romance- Teenagers
  • 2. Avril Lavigne- Girlfriends
  • 3. Simple Plan- So Happy Together
  • 4.Tokio Hotel Instant Karma
  • 5. Tokio Hotel- Break Away
  • 6. Tokio Hotel- Scream

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11. Hope You Learned Something!