chemical synthesis lead(ii) iodide

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Chemical Synthesis Lead(II) Iodide. Edward A. Mottel Department of Chemistry Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Resources Available. Laboratory Exp. E: Chemical Synthesis. Iodine Containing Substances. Lead Containing Substances. Write a balanced and annotated chemical equation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Chemical SynthesisLead(II) IodideEdward A. MottelDepartment of ChemistryRose-Hulman Institute of Technology

  • Resources AvailableLaboratory Exp. E: Chemical Synthesis

  • Iodine Containing SubstancesLead ContainingSubstancesWrite a balanced and annotated chemical equationfor each reaction that led to the successful synthesisof lead(II) iodide.


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  • QuestionsGeneralize what information is necessary for the interpretation of chemical reactions.Does the chemical equation provide an adequate shorthand representation of the reaction?In terms of information, what significance is associated with balanced and what significance is associated with annotation?

  • PredictionsWhich of the possible cross-reactions that were not performed might be expected to be successful?

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