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Cherry Creations, the home office of Pepper Cherry, designer in the Build-n-Share Challenges.


  • 1. Welcome to Cherry Creations, the home office of Pepper Cherry, the designer for all yourunique home and Sim needs. Let's take an exclusive tour of this fantastic building.Goddess Note: Doing something a little different with my slides this time. The photos are lower quality, because I have to keep my game onMedium graphics, so I have more room for text. In these Goddess Notes, I'll be discussing build challenges, observations and otherthoughts in an OOC manner.

2. The first floor of this uniquely luxurious lot features an office, office waiting area and publicrestroom, as well as a private hall leading to a living room, bathroom, kitchen and diningroom. Spacious outdoors have several enticing relaxation areas.Goddess Note: I was going mad trying to straighten this shot and to figure out how to take a top-down shot without the grid. I gave up. ^^; 3. The second floor features another bathroom, the master bedroom, and a study that can beconverted into a child's bedroom as the family grows.Goddess Note: I had actually intended to have a laundry room where the study is, but since there are currently no laundry facilities in worked out for the best, in the long run. I do plan to have Pepper expand her family. 4. The roof top patio is a great place to have a bit of secluded R&R. Planters allow growingsmall plants, and a BBQ grill and cafe table provide snacking options.Goddess Note: This was the failed roof I talked about on the forums. It completely and totally glitched out. Not only did my original roof nolonger work, I couldn't get ANY roof to work up here. But, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Or squeeze the peels in its face.Or both. :D 5. The beautiful roadways in this neighborhood make a gorgeous, seamless approach to thefront of the building.Goddess Note: This is a little more sparse on windows than I'd like, but I ran up against some sort of error part way through my build thatprevented me from placing windows where I wanted them, even if there was no object being intersected on either side of the wall. Thiswas part of my reason for the roof choices and bathroom placements. 6. This grand entrance speaks of the grand things Pepper can design!Goddess Note: I love this door! I just wish there were more color options for it. The green, in particular, is not consistent across items.Also, it annoys me that fencing, such as the iron fence lining the walkway, can't go all the way up to meet the edge of the lot. 7. The office entrance and waiting area provides plush, comfortable accommodations while youwait...even though it's usually not a long wait!Goddess Note: I see cameraman mode is going to drive me crazy once again in this game. Ah, well. It still does better angles than theregular camera does. 8. A quick pit stop in the public restroom...Goddess Note: That is TOTALLY a bathroom painting...LOL 9. ...and then we're off back to the office.Goddess Note: I had put that accent table in with the intent of it being a changing table, since I couldn't find one in the bathroom options. Ialso didn't find good options for public restroom accents (extra toilet rolls, paper towel dispenser/hot air dryer, etc), so I pretended thatindustrial sink encompasses those. 10. With high hopes for plenty of business, there's plenty of comfortable seating for customers.Goddess Note: Would have also liked some high-comfort yet more business-like seating options, but these were an acceptable substitute. 11. No waiting in boredom here! This big-screen TV has all your Sims' favorite channels.Goddess Note: I kind of wanted some end tables with books/magazine stacks, but without moveObjects, I couldn't really make it work well.There were a few places where I could, technically, put one (like the end of the sofa pictured), but they stuck out weirdly. 12. A peek through the frosted glass on this office door will give you a glimpse of the main officefor Cherry Creations.Goddess Note: I actually like both this office entrance and this photo, except: that painting placement. Again, this is a place I might haveused moveObjects it's driving my OCD mad that I can't center that painting between the window and door frames. 13. This cozy office is designed to make clients feel at home. Enjoy sitting in a comfortable armchair while you get one-on-one attention from Pepper.Goddess Note: THAT TREE THOUGH. Not moving it, because this isn't really an issue during game play, and I like where the tree isoutside. I wish there was a way to prevent objects from going through walls like this, but I know it was a problem in the previous games aswell. 14. Princess Creepyface, I mean, Cordelia is silently judging you. Just ignore her, that's herthing.Goddess Note: I honestly didn't realize this bust was so creepy when I placed it, but with limited bust/sculpture options, I left it even aftertaking this photo. I'm just going to have to deal with Princess Creepyface. 15. Hang your hat (or coat) and stay a while! This office is equipped to make you feel at home.Goddess Note: In hindsight, I'm not sure how good an idea candles below a coat rack are, but at least these seem to be just decoration? Atleast, they're not permanently lit like the candles I placed elsewhere in this build are. 16. When the clients leave, this is where the work happens.Goddess Note: And where binders magically stand on their own with a bookend on the wrong side, but there you go. 17. Now it's time to head out to view the rest of the building!Goddess Note: I was pleased the coat rack hung properly on this style of wall...very few of the decorations actually do. :/ 18. And behind Door #2...Goddess Note: This is one of the places I was bemoaning the lack of door variety. I wanted a door that blended better with the office doorbut did not have a window in it, and there really wasn't a good fit. This is the best match for a professional-yet-private door I could find. 19. ...a creepy hallway. If this doesn't say, Don't venture further, then you're probably weird.Goddess Note: I left a lot of blank space here intentionally; This will eventually be decorated with Pepper's paintings. I also wanted awindow near the end of this hall, but the game kept telling me the window couldn't intersect with an object even before I hung the lightfixtures, so I gave up on it. I later discovered I also can't hang paintings on that section of wall for the same reason. 20. A peek through the doorway at the end of the hall, however, gives a glimpse of a much moreinviting environment.Goddess Note: This was an intentionally-designed effect. To better separate the home from the business, I made an off-putting corridorbetween the two. However, the first glimpse into the home is intended to be warm and inviting. 21. As we round the corner, we get a look at the pleasant living and dining areas.Goddess Note: This pseudo-shotgun style is a favorite design trick of mine from this vantage point it's possible to see all the way throughto the back yard, but it's not the direct, square view of an actual shotgun style home. 22. This living room allows Pepper and her future family (and guests) to relax in luxury or justtake a comfortable break from work.Goddess Note: I normally have a terrible time with sitting/TV areas, but I was rather pleased with how this one came together. It's one ofthe benefits of an enormous area to work with. 23. And behind these grand double doors...Goddess Note: Or...not so grand. ^^; I'm letting my imagination do the work for me until better doors are added to the game or availablethrough an EP. 24. a grand bath room. Whether it's just a quick pit stop, a steamy shower, or a long,relaxing soak in a luxurious tub, this bath has your options available.Goddess Note: I had the faintest idea going in how I wanted this L-shaped bath to work, and it turned out fantastic. Very pleased with thissetup. 25. Doesn't that look like a cozy place to settle in with a good book?Goddess Note: I love-love-love these corner whirlpool baths in real life, so I was stoked to find one in the base game. If I didn't have costrestrictions in some challenges, I would use it in every build I did. 26. Relax in style with a steamy shower or a decadent bath your choice!Goddess Note: I am so glad this tub/shower combo made a return. Now if only we can get CaSt back so I can change the color/pattern onit... 27. A quiet nook for a bathroom break...Goddess Note: I was a little nervous putting that narrow of a gap between the sink and mirror, but my Sims are able to navigate it fine. I'vehad no issues using this bathroom it's actually my Sims' preferred one. 28. ...and it's time to head out to see the rest of the house.Goddess Note: I really like the angle and perspective of this photo. It's one of the times cameraman mode worked out for me. 29. Princess Cordelia is still silently judging you...or your art. At least here your practice work isaway from the office, so those embarrassing non-perfect works aren't on public display.Goddess Note: This turned out to be an ideal location for the easel, even though it DOES look like Cordelia is judging it. ^^; 30. And...moving along before Princess Cordelia gets any creepier...Goddess Note: I REALLY hope we get some more variety in bust sculptures in the future. 31. The dining room features an elegant bar to relax at with friends...Goddess Note: I actually like how this bar set-up worked out. I may have to use something similar in the future. 32. ...and a dining table to eat at with family.Goddess Note: Again with my OCD and that wall dcor placement. We really need moveObjects in this game. 33. A full kitchen allows for the creation of any culinary creations a Sim desires.Goddess Note: This is one of the places I'd like to use moveObjects to place small wall decorations, such as between the overheadcabinets and the countertops. 34. The quick snack corner for late night goodies...Goddess Note: Definitely want