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  • HONDA '04 Civic EX white,a/c, ps, pb, am/fm, cd, snrf,pw, pl, Cruise, P/St.#xx1810p815-459-7100 dlr $10699

    FORD '05 Escape Limiteda/c, ps, pw, srs, tilt, Cruise,P/St. #0030750a888-561-7990 dlr $15900


    CHEVY '99 PRIZM LSI 5-Speed, Power Windows &Locks, Stereo/Cass, A/C &Cruise! Super CleanThroughout! Save On Gas!877-227-9287 #P1982A $3495

    JAGUAR '01 XJ Basic gold,a/c, ps, pw, srs, tilt, Cruise,Trac Ctrl, P/St. #0004803b888-561-7990 dlr $16900

    INFINITI '05 G35 Sedan Ba-sic seren sand, snrf.#00p8365a888-561-7990 dlr $20900

    CHRYS '04 PT Cruiser GTblue, a/c, ps, leather, abs,am/fm, cd, snrf, pw, thftsys, srs, pl, Cruise, TracCtrl, P/St. #81753a866-349-3094 dlr $12995

    FORD '02 Escape XLTChoice white, a/c, ps, pw,srs, tilt. #0030570a888-561-7990 dlr $10495

    LEXUS '06 RX 400h Basicpearl white. #0285128a888-561-7990 dlr $36900

    CHEVY '04 red, a/c, ps, abs,am/fm, cass, cd, snrf, pw,thft sys, srs, pl, Cruise, TracCtrl. #72553a866-349-3094 dlr $13995


    HONDA '05 Accord Cpe EXsilver, a/c, ps, pw, srs, tilt,Cruise, Trac Ctrl. #0030429a888-561-7990 dlr $15900

    HYUNDAI '01 Sonata GLSgreen, a/c, ps, leather, abs,am/fm, cd, pw, srs, pl,Cruise, P/St. #71949b866-349-3094 dlr $Call forPrice

    HONDA '06 Accord CpeEXL gray, a/c, ps, pw, srs,tilt, Cruise, Trac Ctrl.#0285609a888-561-7990 dlr $18900

    CHEVY '04 Tahoe LS white.#0030583a888-561-7990 dlr $21900

    CHEVY '05 Cobalt blue, a/c,ps, abs, am/fm, cd, thft sys,srs, Cruise. #4807p866-349-3094 dlr $10995


    CHEVY '02 indigo bluemetalli, a/c, ps, abs, am/fm,cass, cd, thft sys, srs. #4676p866-349-3094 dlr $9995

    CHEVY '05 Malibu Maxxlt.brown, a/c, ps, abs,am/fm, cd, pw, thft sys, srs,pl, Cruise, Trac Ctrl, P/St.#81530b866-349-3094 dlr $11995

    CHEVY '04 Monte Carlo SSblack, a/c, ps, abs, am/fm,cd, snrf, pw, thft sys, srs, pl,Cruise, Trac Ctrl. #4778p866-349-3094 dlr $17995

    HONDA '02 Civic Si black,a/c, srs, tilt, Cruise.#0030780a888-561-7990 dlr $10900

    HONDA '06 Civic LX black,a/c, ps, pb, am/fm, cd, pw,pl, Cruise. #8525a815-459-7100 dlr $15495

    FORD '99 Taurus SE white,a/c, ps, pb, am/fm, cass, pw,pl, Cruise, P/St. #8026a815-459-7100 dlr $4999

    FORD '06 Mustang Cnv, sil-ver, a/c, ps, abs, am/fm, cd,pw, thft sys, srs, pl, Cruise.#4789p866-349-3094 dlr $17995

    LEXUS '07 RX 350 Basicbeige. #0285545a888-561-7990 dlr $35900

    LEXUS '06 GS 300 black,a/c, ps, pb, leather, am/fm,cass, cd, snrf, pw, pl,Cruise, Trac Ctrl, P/St.#8577a815-459-7100 dlr $34995

    GMC '03 Yukon XL DenaliBasic black, a/c, ps, pw, srs,tilt, Cruise, P/St. #00r4804a888-561-7990 dlr $19900


    CHEVY '04 Aveo black, ps,am/fm, thft sys, srs. #71948a866-349-3094 dlr $5695

    FORD 2000Mustang. Verygood condition. Leather,sunroof, sound system.$5500 OBO 847-636-0648

    FORD '01 Focus SE red, a/c,ps, pb, am/fm, cd, snrf, pw,pl, Cruise. #8767a815-459-7100 dlr $5995

    FORD '02 TAURUS SESOnly 69,000 Miles! Moon-roof, Full Power, CD,Cruise, Excellent ConditionThroughout! 877-227-9287#90012A $5995

    Chevy 88 Camaro, 5L-V8,dk red, 80K, 1 ownr, at, wellmaint, rns/lks grt, no snow,gard $7600. 847-744-0975

    INFINITI '07 QX56 Basicblack, a/c, ps, pw, srs, tilt,Cruise, Trac Ctrl, P/St.#0284284a888-561-7990 dlr $45900

    INFINITI '01 I30 Luxurydesert gold, a/c, ps, pw, srs,tilt, Cruise, P/St. #0284889a888-561-7990 dlr $9495

    CHRYSLER 96 SEBRINGConvertible JXI - Loaded!Prem. stereo,dk red,143Kmi

    Runs great, fun car!$2,100. obo?? 847-508-8472

    FORD-04Mustang Coupe.Silver, V6, 3.9 ltr, 22Kmi,auto, alloys, spoiler, dual

    exh.Mint $13,500847-776-1061 or 847-776-1060

    CHEVY '00 K2500, ps, abs, 4wd,am/fm, cass, cd, thft sys.#81707a866-349-3094 dlr $10995

    FORD '05 Expedition EddieBauer . #0004815a888-561-7990 dlr $19900

    FORD '05 Expedition EddieBauer black. #0285605a888-561-7990 dlr $20900

    GMC '05 black, a/c, ps,leather, abs, 4wd, am/fm,cd, pw, thft sys, srs, pl,Cruise, Bose, P/St. #4724p866-349-3094 dlr $19995

    CHEVY 94 Caprice - 91,565mi, 5.7SFI V-8 engine, policepkg. South Elgin Fire Dis-trict is accepting sealed of-fers at 150 W. State St. until8am on May 21. Includename & phone # - $500 min.Car can be viewed at 2055McDonald Rd. Further infocall A/C Sohn 847-741-2141.

    INFINITI '04 G35X AWD36K Miles! 36K Miles!Leather, Sunroof, HeatedSts, CD, Automatic, EveryLuxury Power Options! Al-loys! Plus AWE Safety! 800-862-3051 #21714A $19,995


    CHEVY '93 CORVETTEruby red, a/c, ps, abs,am/fm, cass, pw, thft sys, pl,Cruise, Trac Ctrl, Bose.#4685pa866-349-3094 dlr $20995

    CHEVY 91 Caprice wagon,124K, 5.0L V8, ps, pb, abs,pdl, pw, exc cond, runsgreat, $2900. 630-293-1246

    HONDA '99 ACCORD Auto-matic, Full Power, PioneerCD, Super Clean Through-out! Honda Quality! 877-227-9287 #P1972A $5995

    HONDA '05 Civic Sdn VPSSRSv magnesium.#000p8536888-561-7990 dlr $11900


    INFINITI '03 G35 SPORTGorgeous! Autostick!Heated Leather! Mnrf! CD!Bose Audio! Full Power!Sporty Performance! 888-300-1160 #Q7895A $18,995

    HONDA 07 Civic Coupe.Blck LX, 4600 mi, superclean, 5 speed, Bal of fctrywarr. $15,000?847-421-5101

    SATURDAY, MAY 3, 2008 Classied Ads: 847-427-4444 Employment Ads: 847-806-4242 DAILY HERALD SECTION 6 PAGE 11

    FORD '02 Focus LX black,a/c, ps, pb, am/fm, cass.#8539a815-459-7100 dlr $6199

    LEXUS '05 ES 330 Basicpewter, a/c, ps, pw, srs, tilt,Cruise, P/St. #0283966b888-561-7990 dlr $19900


    CHEVY 03 Corvette Z066 spd, electron blue, black &red int, 19K, new BFG tires,

    $29,500. 630-830-8054

    CHEVY '96 CAMARO Cnv,purple, a/c, ps, abs, am/fm,cass, srs. #4843p866-349-3094 dlr $Call forPrice

    CHEVY '07 TE Z06 Naviga-tion! 952 Miles! PolishedChromes! Black OverEbony/Red & 100% Perfect!Original MSRP $77,790! 888-258-2012 #B16069A $64,980

    HONDA '07 Civic Cpe EXsilver, a/c, ps, pw, srs, tilt,Cruise. #0030705a888-561-7990 dlr $17900

    DODGE 06 SRT8Magnum,10K, auto, loaded, 2 sets ofwhls/tires:orig SRT8 & cus-tom 22. 847-404-5761

    FORD 98 Taurus, V6,FWD, auto, good cond,newer brks, red, $1975.


    JAGUAR 89 XJS COUPE,WOW!12 cyl powerhouse w/glamor galore! Champagne/biscuit, only 77K, R-ratedtires, $4990. 847-885-6555

    CHEVY '00 K1500 z71 white,a/c, ps, pb, am/fm, cass, pw,pl, Cruise, P/St. #8520b815-459-7100 dlr $10999

    CHEVY '02 Malibu galaxysilver metal, a/c, ps, pb,am/fm, cd, pw, pl, Cruise.#8213a815-459-7100 dlr $5999

    CHEVY '03 Malibu red, a/c,ps, abs, am/fm, cd, thft sys,srs, pl. #4829p866-349-3094 dlr $Call forPrice

    HONDA '05 Pilot EXL taf-feta white, a/c, ps, pw, srs,tilt, Cruise, Trac Ctrl, P/St.#000p8537888-561-7990 dlr $22900

    HONDA '06 Ridgeline RTLsilver, a/c, ps, pw, srs, tilt,Trac Ctrl, P/St. #0030704b888-561-7990 dlr $18900

    CHEVY 05 Cobalt-LS 4 cyl.16Kmi. 1 owner, garagekept. $9900 847-390-3420


    CHEVY '97 Cavalier Basicred. #0030609a888-561-7990 dlr $4995

    CHEVY '05 Aveo LT black,a/c, ps, am/fm, cd, pw, thftsys, srs, pl. #4828p866-349-3094 dlr $Call forPrice

    INFINITI '06 M45 Basicblack obsidian, snrf.#0273683a888-561-7990 dlr $35900

    INFINITI '05 G35 Sedan Ba-sic silver. #0284928a888-561-7990 dlr $23900

    INFINITI '05 QX56 Basicliquid onyx, a/c, ps, snrf, pw,srs, tilt, Cruise, Trac Ctrl,P/St. #0285261a888-561-7990 dlr $29900

    GMC '06 Sierra 1500 SLE1black. #0004775a888-561-7990 dlr $29900

    CHRYS '02 SEBRING CON-VERTIBLE Great Price!Automatic! Cassette! FullPower! AlloyWheels! Nice!888-300-1160 #Q7639A $5995

    DODGE '98 Intrepid purple,a/c, ps, pb, am/fm, cass, pw,pl, Cruise, P/St. #7767b815-459-7100 dlr $5899

    Ford 83Mustang Convertbl41,100 miles, no rust.Excellent condition!$4,990. ?? 630-232-6366

    INFINITI '04 FX35 Basicwhite pearl, a/c, ps, pw, srs,tilt, Cruise, Trac Ctrl, P/St.#000p8378888-561-7990 dlr $28900

    HONDA '06 Accord silver,a/c, ps, pb, am/fm, cd, pw,pl, Cruise. #8232a815-459-7100 dlr $15799

    CHEVY '04 Suburban LS sil-ver, ps, srs, tilt. #0030652a888-561-7990 dlr $18900

    CHEVY '05 TE GM Cerit-ied! Navigation! GlassTop!MilleniumYellow OverBlack, HUD, Bose, EveryToy & Aching To Fly! 888-258-2012 #BP3084 $31,980

    Chevy 97 Lumina ,Graya/c,am/fm/cassette, pw,pl, crse, like new tires,

    extra clean in/out,garagekept, faithfully maintnd.

    $2800.? 847-838-3188

    CHRYS '99 SEBRING LXILow Miles, Leather, FullPower, CD & More! A BestBuy! 877-227-9287 #90048A$5495

    HUMMER '03 H2 Basicgray. #0284743a888-561-7990 dlr $27900

    INFINITI 04 G35 sedan31K,mint, warranty,htd lthr, snrf, loaded,$18,950. 847-397-4707

    DODGE '01 Durango Basicroyal blue, a/c, ps, pw, srs,tilt. #0285112a888-561-7990 dlr $9850

    FORD '04MUSTANG GT V840TH ANNIV 39K Miles!39K Miles! 5-Speed!Leather, Power Seat, CD,All The Power Toys!Spoiler! Alloys! Naviga-tion! New Tires! Mint!Mint! Mint! 800-862-3051#3194PA $16,995

    HONDA '07 Accord SdnEXL taffeta white, a/c, ps,pw, srs, tilt, Cruise, TracCtrl. #0030581a888-561-7990 dlr $22900

    HYUNDAI '01 XG300 LowMiles! Automatic, Leather,CD, Cruise, Wood Grain Ac-cents & Excellent Condi-tion! Complete Comfort &Style! 877-227-9287 #Q5052$5995

    FORD '06 Taurus SEL gray,a/c, ps, am/fm, cd, snrf, pw,thft sys, srs, pl, Cruise, P/St.#4750p866-349-3094 dlr $9995

    HONDA 01 Prelude, white,auto, 4 cyl, ac, ps, pb, am/fm

    CD, abs, pw, 2dr, snrf,cruise, lthr, alloy rims, 68K,

    $8000/obo. 847-297-6008

    FORD 00 Taurus SE Allpower, AC, great shape, norust, like new tires, 149Kmi.

    $2499 OBO 630-415-8653

    CHEVY '05 Monte Carlo LTred, a/c, ps, abs, am/fm,cass, cd, pw, thft sys, srs, pl,Cruise, Trac Ctrl. #4777p866-349-3094 dlr $15695

    CHEVY '00 sebring silvermeta, a/c, ps, abs, am/fm,cd, thft sys, srs. #7235


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