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I took these pictures during my trip to China in May, 2012. The title pages are based on "The Ten Ox-herding Pictures" from 12th century in China.


  • 1. MeiSelvage Chinas Crossroad- A Chinese Americans Journal to Home, May 2012Mei Selvage

2. Mei1. Modern ChinaSelvage - Seeking identities from Mao to StarbucksHis home isreceding fartheraway from him,and byways andcrossways are everconfused. Desirefor gain and fear of loss burn like fire; ideas of rightand wrong shootup like a phalanx. 3. Mei 2. Everyday ChinaSelvage - When life takes its own paceRiding on the animal,he leisurely wends hisway home: Envelopedin the evening mist,how tunefully theflute vanishes away! Singing a ditty, beating time, hisheart is filled with a joy indescribable!That he is now one ofthose who know, needit be told? 4. 3. Traditional China - Return to the SourceTo return to the Origin,to be back at theSource - already a falsestep this!Far better it is to stayat home, blind and deaf,and without much ado;Sitting in the hut, he takes no cognisance of things outside,Behold the streamsflowing-whither nobodyknows; and the flowersvividly red-for whom areMeithey?Selvage 5. Credit for title pages The Ten Ox-herding Pictures Verse by Kuoan Shiyuan , 12th century Translated by D. T. Suzuki (1870-1966) English text: text: Selvage