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  • 1. Superbaby 07 EM 02 Chinese Food Culture

2. Chinese food have a long history ! Superbaby It can date back to 1,700,000 years ago It have effectedmany Asian countries It have gone through four stages It involves lots of other fields A B C D 3. Chopsticks&Spoon Three times each day Southerner & Northern Chinese Eating Habits Superbaby 4. Superbaby 5. Top eight traditional Chinese breakfast Fried bread stick Boiled dumplings Pan-Fried Steamed Bun Spring rolls Chinese Traditional Breakfast Superbaby 6. Beijing duck Steamed fish Curry chicken Spicy hot noodles 7. Chinese rice pudding Smelly tofu Glue pudding Small steamed bunChinese traditional snack food 8. The Chinese Feast It has 108 dishes. Maan-Hahn Banquet is derived from Qing Dynasty. Superbaby 9. 07EM02 Summary 1 The difference between south and north in eating Some chinesetradational food Chinese eating habits 2 4 3 Chinese foodhistory Superbaby 10. Thanks for your attention ! Superbaby 07 EM 02 EnglishListening &Speaking