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Chinese Hot words learning

Chinese Hot words learning

is from the Japanese word (tsukkomi). It means to question or comment creatively on something ironic/funny and is often oversimplified to mean complain, grumble.e.g The medias often complain the government.(mi t jng chng t co zhng f)

is a word found in the Beijing dialect of Mandarin, and it means to try and cotton up and gain favor with others in order to get help in the future.e.gDon't be buddy-buddy with me, do your best or everything is futile.(bi gn w to c, chle zu ho bnzh gngzu, qt fngf du sh tlo de.)

means "a promise is a promise", "fit one's deeds to one's words".

e.g I'll tell you tomorrow, I promise..(w mng tin go s n, shu hu sun hu)7

means smuggled goods; parallel goods; unauthorized commodities.

e.g In China, the gray market for smuggled and pirated phones drives most sales, blurring official statistics.(zi zhng gu shu hu h zu s sh chng de xn xng fn rng sh gun fng de sh j d d sh ku)

Literally means on top of a fire. Understanding shng hu () requires a bit of knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but, in short, it relates to the concept of balancing yn () and yng () within the body and spirit. An imbalance can result in too much internal heat, which is manifested in fevers, coughs or even a flushed expression or two. This internal heat is .

e.gIt's easy to get internal heat in autumn.(qi tin rng y shng hu)

means "to throw a tantrum", or "to act like a spoiled child". it's used almost exclusively to describe a grown woman pouting and stomping her feet until her demands are met.

e.gLearn to be mischievous and coquetry.(xu hu qi do ho ch de s jio tio p)

Bright eyes originally held the meaning of lake water being blown in an autumn wind, and thereafter also came to mean the bright eyes of beautiful girls.

e.gYou are completely indifferent to that fact that the pretty girl over there is leering at you.(birn du gi n nsng qible, n hi wdng yzhng.)

The word originated in Western mythology. Now, it has become a name used by men to complement women. It is generally used by a man to express his love for a woman or by fans of a female superstar.

e.gThe beautiful movie star is the goddess of many male fans.(Zhwi mil de dinyng mngxng sh zhngdu nnfns xnm zhng de nshn.)

The word tomboy, or , refers to a woman whose character or manners have some characteristics that are generally seen as masculine. For example, a tomboy () lives independently, is never overly dependent on others, is candid and optimistic, never petty, and so on.

e.gTomboys tend to parade their confidence and independence.(Nhnzimen wngwng gngi biobng zj zxn, dl.)

Some believe that Loli comes from French and means pretty and cute, often describing a child. Others explain the words origin as an abbreviation for Lolita, the name of a famous novel by Russian-American author Vladimir Nabokov. This novel describes the story of a middle-aged professor obsessed with a 12-year-old girl named Lolita. Since then, girls who have the traits of leading actresses are called Lolita or Loli. Now, it is often used to describe cute girls.

e.g The daughter of my friend is very cute. She is truly a Loli.(Pngyu de nr tbi ki sh g shz de xio Lul.)

means stingy. It was once said that a man was so stingy that he planned to dig for gold when he saw the golden gate of a temple, and for this reason now refers to a man who is very stingy and tightfisted.e.g The stingy old lady just buys apples one at a time.(Zhge kumn de lo titai mi c zh mi yge pnggu.)

peacock woman. is a term for girls who live in cities, have been loved by their parents from the day they were born, and have led lives of luxury. They are apathetic towards money and do not pay much attention to the financial situations of suitors.

e.gSince I have married a peacock woman, my stress has increased greatly.(zcng w q le kngqun yhu, shnghu yl wxng de jid le.)

Cinderella. is used to describe an ordinary girl marrying a very rich person or a normal girl being favored by her dignitaries.

e.g Cinderella and the prince leading a happy life is just a fairy tale.(hu g niang h wng z cng c gu zhe xng f de shng hu zh sh y g tng hu )

vase / the vain girl.A vase has no other practical purpose except for holding flowers, and for this reason this term has also come to mean a girl who is beautiful but is for the most part not that talented.

e.gI cant believe such a pretty actress has such bad acting skills.(mi xing do t jng rn sh g hu png ,yn j fi chng ch.)

means totally nonsense or bullshit.

e.g Dont listen to anyone who tells you that you cant do this or that. Thats nonsense.(b yo tng xn n xi shu n b nng zu zh g hu zh n g de rn, t men du sh h shu b do.)

Literally it means black car, but the actual meaning in terms of everyday use refers to unlicensed cars people using their own cars as taxis to earn profit.

e.gDont take unlicensed cars, they are too dangerous.(qin wn bi zu hi ch ya, wn y ch sh le ji m fan le. )

generally refers to the time of day, or to describe the amount of energy used to do something. When used as a colloquial word, it can also mean that we must pay attention to something. The characters "" and "" sometimes have the same meaning, but when attempting to express the time we must use in most cases.e.g I cant believe it, we are so anxious, but it comes to you effortlessly.(Mi xing do zho j le zh me ji,d li qun b fi gng f)

Childhood buddies is a word based on Beijing dialect, which means lifelong friends from childhood. Although is only used in Beijing, as a phrase that has expanded in the vocabulary of Chinese people, this word has become popular in all of China .

e.gThese childhood buddies have the most sincere feelings.(f xio zh jin de gn qng zu zhn zh le.

This is a transliteration of the acronym DINK, which stands for dual-income, no kids. It describes the lifestyle of married couples that choose to have no kids but have two good salaries, so they have a lot of disposable income and time and can afford to live it up.e.g More than a quarter of respondents would opt for a "DINK" lifestyle. (cho gu s fn zh y de shu fng zh bio sh xing zu dng k z )

means be popular; get along all right.

e.gShe is so pretty and popular.

(t zhng d n me pio liang , yu n me ch d ki)

literally means have vigenar. Now we often use this word to represent "be jealous (usu. of a rival in love).

e.gHe was jealous when he discovered that she loved someone else.

(dng t f xin t i bi rn de sh hou t ch c le )

has two explanations. The traditional meaning refers to the bones monster who appears in the novel Journey to the West. In modern society, there is another meaning, which refers to white-collar workers, specifically women with high levels of education, high incomes, and high status.

e.gMany women dream of becoming white-collar workers with high levels of education and high incomes.(Hn du nxng zhuqi chngwi Bigjng.)

White rich and pretty. refers to fair-skinned females with wealthy families and good looks. It describes outstanding women, generally ones who are fairly young.

e.gA lot of women dream to be fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful.(chngwi bi f mi sh hn du nrn de mngxing.)

means flirtationship, more than a Friendship, less than a Relationship.

e.g You will lose your special ambiguous friendship with her.n hu sh q y t zh jin n zhng t sh r i mi de yu qng)Learn more