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  • Choose Charter Seas Inc to Realize Your Tropical Dream?

    The Caribbean and the Bahamas are perfect holiday destinations. The rolling blue seas are

    dotted with innumerable islands with a profusion of tropical foliage and sun-kissed beaches

    below cloud dotted azure blue skies. It is always warm and refreshing and the breeze ruffles

    your hair. On each of these islands, the mood is festive and people are laid back. All these

    make the West Indies the perfect holiday destination for people wishing to realize a tropical

    dream. One of the finest ways of exploring the charms of this region is to charter a yacht and

    navigate the seas at your leisure, travelling from one archipelago to another.

    Learn to Sail Overview

    Learning to sail is a fantastic way to expand your horizons with pure adventure. Leaving with

    an awesome skill-set is also a huge plus!

    The Courses on offer start with the basics, teaching about all the various parts of the sailing

    vessels as well as safety requirements, rules of the road and all the various points of sail.

  • The Courses then progress into navigation learning, techniques and coastal cruising with

    greater emphasis on the rules and regulations while learning more about boat handling.

    Final finishing is with a Bareboat Course that pays heavy attention to on-the-water practices

    and the ability to run the vessel as a captain while giving orders to the crew in a controlled

    and safe manner. Courses are offered as a 1 Week Basic Learn and Cruise and all three of

    these levels can be achieved once the exams and on-the-water tests have been completed

    satisfactorily. You will learn to sail with skilled accredited professionals, all eager to share

    their love and knowledge of the ocean and sailing with you!

    If you have any questions at all, please use our contact form on this page. We look forward to

    sharing the experience of your journey and welcoming you to your Charter Seas dream

    adventure on the sea.

    There is so much to explore in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The Caribbean alone has over

    40 enchanting islands that beckon. The Leeward Island Chain, the most popular. The waters

    are crystal clear with colorful aquatic life. You can easily find stretches of white sandy

    beaches and it is so easy to moor your yacht with the abundance of cays and harbours.

    Tourists love Tortola, the largest island with its wonderful winding roads, the beautiful Cane

    Garden Bay with its collection of restaurants and bars, Smugglers Cove and the Pusser


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