choosing the best offer for your candlewood lake home for sale

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DESCRIPTION - Having a plan on how to review and select offers from buyers is necessary so you won’t miss out on the best offer. Here are tips to help you select the best offer for your Candlewood Lake home for sale. Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt now at 203-994-4297 and let me assist you with everything you need to know about selling Candlewood Lake homes.


  • 1. Choosing the Best Offer ForYour Candlewood Lake Homefor Sale

2. Youve worked hard on preparing yourCandlewood Lake home for sale and havedone enough research and consulting withyour agent on the best price. You may alreadybe receiving a number of offers frominterested buyers. 3. Having a plan on how to review and selectoffers from buyers is necessary so you wontmiss out on the best offer.Selling your Candlewood Lake Danbury CThome will go smoother if you treat it as abusiness deal and dont let your emotionsinfluence your decisions. 4. Here are some tips on how toselect the best offer for yourlake property, whether its inCandlewood Lake or LakeZoar: 5. 1. Know and understand the process.There are 3 things you can do onceyou receive an offer: you can eitheraccept it, reject it, or negotiate with thebuyers to modify some terms in thecontract. This is called making acounteroffer. 6. 2. Decide on your most important termsbeforehand.Decide way in advance the terms thatare most important to you, like if price ismore important over closing date or ifyou require the buyer to submit an offerin writing with a preapproval letter. 7. 3. Create a process for reviewing offers.If you receive multiple offers for your lakeproperty, work with your agent to create atimeframe where buyers can submit offers. Thisgives your agent time to market yourCandlewood Lake home to as many buyers aspossible and time for you to review all the offers.This also allows you to get the best offer andterms. 8. 4. Dont take it personally.Although selling a home can be an emotionalexperience, it should be considered as a businesstransaction and treated as such. If a buyer complainsabout something about your property or makes alowball offer, dont be offended. Instead, you couldthink of it as a sign that the buyer is interested andthat these comments or complaints are part of theirnegotiating tactics. Be ready and willing to negotiate. 9. 5. Review each term.Carefully review all the terms in eachand every offer. Price is not the onlyimportant term to consider. Find out if thebuyer is asking to include fixtures withthe property like furniture, appliances,window treatments, etc. 10. With each term, ask yourself Is this a dealbreaker or is it a negotiable term that may helpme close the sale?In case you have received an unacceptableoffer, have your agent talk to the buyer's agentto find out what is most important to them andsee if you can meet that need. 11. The key to a successful negotiation with thebuyer is flexibility. Making sure you reviewand understand all the terms, follow theprocess for reviewing offers, and workclosely with your agent will ensure that youwill not miss out on the best offer for yourCandlewood Lake home for sale. 12. If you need more ideas that will helpyou sell your home, visit www.CandlewoodLakeCTRealEstate.comand read Top 10 Tips to PrepareYour Candlewood Lake Danbury CTHome For Sale. 13. Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt now at 203-994-4297 and let me assist you with everything you need toknow about selling Candlewood Lake homes. My years ofexperience as a preeminent real estate professional inRidgefield, Redding, Wilton, New Fairfield, Brookfield,Bridgewater, Roxbury, Washington, Weston, Westport,Southbury, Kent, Sherman, Easton, and Bethel, CT,combined with my dedication to providing the finestservice will make it easier for you to find your dream homein Connecticut.