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Choosing The Right Startup For Yourself Annkur P Agarwal Co-founder, we are hiring ([email protected] )

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  1. 1. Choosing The Right Startup For Yourself Annkur P Agarwal! Co-founder,! we are hiring ([email protected])!
  2. 2. startup look cool, but it is a struggle
  3. 3. It is a risk & reward game, but the rewards only come in the long run! You wont always win! Going beyond the call of duty is a default! choose the right reasons to join a startup
  4. 4. Life is too small to do something you dont love (yes cliched) ! If you are to succeed in surviving the down turns, your reasons to get into it better be right! So if you choose a problem that you really care about, it would help ! ps: Hello confused ones :)! choose the right problem to solve
  5. 5. What is your priority? Money? Growth? Learning? ! How much risk are you ready to take? ! How strongly do you believe in this startups purpose? ! Consider cash vs ESOPs - choose wisely! choose the right stage of the company
  6. 6. You will spend most of your life at work (I hope not). So better work with people you like. ! Specially at startups, where things would be tough. You need room to fail and people will fail you. You better choose the people wisely. ! people
  7. 7. Dont believe in the hype, check yourself! Big is not always better! There are real things like alignment & cultural t! Understand Pain Killer vs Vitamins! You need great communication & mind reading skills to survive a startup ;) ! some more boring advice
  8. 8. On Failure It will come & go! ! The right failure will only make you more valuable! ! Seek advice, mentorship, read books, read articles,! dont live under a rock! ! ! ! may the force be with you