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Reeva, Nicole, Rachel, and Sara talk about the importance of Chores with children


  • 1. Chores for Kids

2. Are Chores Appropriate for Kids?Are Chores Appropriate for Kids? Depends on type of chores you choose There are many chores which are unsuitable for kids who are so young. Chores should not be too time consuming. 3. Values of ChoresValues of Chores Kids need to understand that they have responsibilities around the house. We need to feel needed and to know that were making a contribution, says parenting expert Jim Fay. 4. Examples of Chores for Ages 2 to 3Examples of Chores for Ages 2 to 3 Put toys away Fill pets food dish Put clothes in hamper Wipe up spills Dust Pile books and magazines 5. Examples of Chores for Ages 4 to 5Examples of Chores for Ages 4 to 5 All from before and: Make bed Empty wastebaskets Bring in mail Clear table Water flowers Wash plastic dishes at sink 6. Examples of Chores for Ages 6 to 7Examples of Chores for Ages 6 to 7 All from before and: Sort laundry Sweep floors Set and clear table Help make and pack lunch Weed and rake leaves Keep bedroom tidy 7. Be Careful Not ToBe Careful Not To Insist on perfection. Delay. Be inconsistent. Be stingy with praise. 8. The Effects of Chores on KidsThe Effects of Chores on Kids Positive impact later in life Sense of responsibility, competence, self- reliance, and self-worth Research shows that a childs involvement in household tasks leads to: Completion of education, healthy relationships, and more! 9. IncentivesIncentives It is important not to tie allowances to chores for younger kids. Money is not a big incentive to them. Toys A free day trip pass Game night 10. References