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1. Doubtlessly, Christian wall art is an effective way of adding a touch of life and color into your home,while celebrating your chosen faith. From bible verses to biblical scenes and symbols, Christianity isgradually finding its way into the interior decorative patterns of every Christian home. For some time,crucifixes and angels are the most popular religious symbols that people, both new and old to theChristian faith, are inclined to purchase. Only a few Christians knew about the fish symbol and how isrelates to Jesus Christ. Today, however, we are once again becoming more aware of the significance ofthis simple combination of a pair of arcs to our faith.The Fish In Early ChristianityThe fish was preferred by early Christians as a symbol of their faith. It is often associated with JesusChrist since he had more than once mentioned the word in his teachings, and he did enlist severalfishermen as his disciples and collectively called them fishers of men. It is also used to symbolize theact of baptism, which was done in bodies of water in Jesus time. Christians preferred this subtlesymbol to the more obvious sign of the cross to save themselves from persecution.The Fish And Christian Persecution Early Christians thought of using the fish as a symbol to hide the fact that they are Christians to their persecutors. During the time when Christianity was viewed as a grievous crime, a man of the faith would draw a single arc on the sand to distinguish between a Christian and non-Christian acquaintance. He would draw a downward arc on the sand, and if the other person completes it with a second arc going upward, he would know hes in good company. To a non- Christian, the single arc meant nothing, and was thus ignored.The Fish In Modern Christian Wall ArtThe fish has long been recognized as a symbol of Christianity and often appeared on bumper stickerson its own, or alongside the more popular symbol of the cross. Sometimes, it would also have the wordICHTUS written within the joint arcs. This word is the Greek word for fish and is used as anacrostic to a Greek phrase that translates to Jesus Christ, Gods Son, Savior. Now that Christianity isno longer persecuted, the more obvious name Jesus can also be seen written within the symbol. 2. Simplicity In Christian Wall ArtThe fish symbol provides a simple, yet very effective way ofrepresenting your Christian faith. I personally do not like too manycolors and knick-knacks on my walls. I prefer minimal artisticrepresentations that bear a subtle, but often deeper impact on whatmy faith means to me. While most people view the cross as a signof salvation, I am one of those that couldnt help associating it withthe violence of Jesus death. The fish, however, provides a morepeaceful view of what Jesus life meant. This type of Christianwall art also serves as a reminder of his teachings, and how italways comes down to one general idea: that is, for us to becomefishers of men.For more about Christian wall art you can check it on our