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<ul><li><p>Christmas Crafts for kids and adults</p><p>London and South East</p><p>R E D H O U S E , L O N D O N</p><p>Christmas crafts19 20 December, 13:30 16:15</p><p>Make salt dough wombats to hang on your Christmas tree at home. This year Red House is crafting wombat decorations to celebrate the discovery of a wombat in the Edward Burne-Jones wall painting in the house. Children can join in the fun and decorate their own festive wombats to take home and hang on their Christmas tree. Quirkiness abounds in the house that William Morris designed, built and lived in. Discover stained glass windows with curious characters, a brightly coloured ceiling and spot the wombats in the wall painting. </p><p>Price: Free event (normal admission fee applies)</p><p>See more on this event or call 0208 303 6359 for more information</p><p>T H E V Y N E , H A M P S H I R E</p><p>Cracker Factory Christmas19 22 December, call property for times</p><p>This former Tudor palace is richly decorated for a country house family Christmas, taking you </p><p>on a historic journey through Christmas past at The Vyne. The Vynes elves are still hard at work with their preparations for Christmas and youre invited to help them out in the bustling Cracker Factory, where you can make your very own crackers - with a bang - to take home. Customise your crackers with a toy, sweet, hat and joke!</p><p>Price: 3 (normal admission charges apply, booking essential)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01256 883858 for more information</p><p>H I N D H E A D C O M M O N S A N D T H E D E V I L S P U N C H B O W L , S U R R E Y</p><p>Harvest your own Christmas tree5, 12, 19 December, 10:00 14:00</p><p>Find a Scots pine tree and the countryside team will help you take it home. This is good walking country with many footpaths to explore; walk through shady woods or across open heathland with grazing cattle and wild ponies. Bring along a saw, sledge and a pair of gloves to cut down your very own tree.</p><p>Price: Minimum 15 per tree (depending on height)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01428 681051 for more information</p><p></p></li><li><p>R U N N Y M E D E , B E R K S H I R E</p><p>Festive wreath making workshops2 December, 10:00 12:30 &amp; 13:30 15:30</p><p>Craft a festive wreath from characterful natural materials gathered from the nearby Ankerwycke Estate. Pick from a selection of winter greens including holly, old mans beard, butchers broom and snowberry to make a unique decoration that you can take home to hang on your own front door or gift to a friend. Light refreshments will be provided during the workshop. Despite the central role it has played in this years Magna Carta anniversary celebrations, Runnymede transforms into a tranquil winter habitat for wildlife; the perfect place to wrap up warm for a walk through the woodland, wetlands or meadows.</p><p>Price: 20 (normal admission fee applies, booking essential.)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01784 432891 for more information</p><p>South West</p><p>A V E B U R Y, W I LT S H I R E</p><p>Wool craft: Christmas decorations13 December, 11:00 12:30 &amp; 14:00 15:30</p><p>A workshop on the traditional craft of felt making will help you create felt Christmas puddings or Dorset Buttons to decorate your Christmas tree. As well as the tutorials, see skilled craftspeople knitting, spinning and felting in action. Youll be learning this ancient craft in the quaint village of Avebury that sits within the prehistoric stone circles.</p><p>Price: 5 for one session, 7.50 for two (booking advised.)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01672 538 016 for more information</p><p>K I N G S T O N L A C Y, D O R S E T</p><p>Stir-Up Sunday22 November, 11:00 15:00</p><p>Stir-Up Sunday is one of the traditional ways a Christmas pudding is made. Help the cook add the tasty Christmas ingredients and learn some tips and tricks for making a tasty pudding at home. Finally, help give the pudding a stir and make a wish, before taking home a mini Christmas pudding to enjoy yourself. Explore the hidden treasures and trinkets on a wander through the palatial house, or head outdoors to play on the crisp winter lawns.</p><p>Price: 2 (normal admission fee applies)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01202 883402 for more information</p><p>East of England</p><p>S H E R I N G H A M P A R K , N O R F O L K</p><p>Christmas trail &amp; craft5 6 December, 11:00 15:00</p><p>Take a winter wander to the learning centre, where kids can make a Christmas wreath, a Yule Log or a miniature rhododendron Christmas tree to take home. Afterwards why not head out on a walk through the park and spot ways the garden has changed since autumn. Now that the leaves have fallen from the trees its easy to enjoy sweeping views from Sheringham Park all the way down to the North Norfolk coast, and if youre lucky, you might spot the smoke plumes of a steam train passing through the woodland.</p><p>Price: 5 (normal admission fee applies)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01263 820550 for more information</p><p></p></li><li><p>O X B U R G H H A L L , N O R F O L K</p><p>Christmas sweet treats workshop10 December, 10:00 15:30 </p><p>The cook will be making delicious festive goodies in Oxburghs Old Kitchen all day. Step inside this romantic, fifteenth century moated manor house for a peek at Christmas celebrations from the past in the Old Kitchen. </p><p>Price: 35 (includes ingredients and lunch, booking essential)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01366 328 243 for more information</p><p>W I C K E N F E N N AT I O N A L N AT U R E R E S E R V E , C A M B R I D G E S H I R E</p><p>Christmas decorations workshop27 &amp; 28 November, 10:00 12:30 &amp; 13:30 16:00</p><p>Create festive decorations to take home. Basket-maker Nadine Anderson will be on hand to help you use rush and willow to make stars, hearts and other traditional rustic decorations. Wicken Fens raised boardwalk and lush grass droves allow easy access to a lost landscape of flowering meadows, sedge and reedbeds, where you can encounter rarities such as hen harriers, water voles and bitterns.</p><p>Price: 18 (includes materials, booking essential)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01353 720274 for more information</p><p>Midlands</p><p>C R O F T C A S T L E A N D P A R K L A N D , H E R E F O R D S H I R E</p><p>Preparing for an Edwardian Christmas28 29 November, 10:00 16:00</p><p>Croft Castle sits deep in the heart of Herefordshire countryside, where the Croft </p><p>family have spent holidays like Christmas together for a thousand years. Preparations are now underway to get Croft Castle ready for this years magical Edwardian Christmas. All ages can enjoy making Edwardian decorations, and join in with music and traditional Christmas activities from the 1900s. Dont miss exclusive festive recipes on the menu in the tea room. </p><p>Price: Free event (normal admission fee applies)</p><p>Please call 01568 780246 for more information</p><p> </p><p>S U D B U R Y H A L L A N D T H E N AT I O N A L T R U S T M U S E U M O F C H I L D H O O D , D E R B Y S H I R E</p><p>Childrens chocolate cookie calendar workshop3 6, 10 13, 17 - 22 December, 10:30 15:00</p><p>Kids can create a calendar for the New Year at this hands-on workshop. Be sure to explore the Museum of Childhood beforehand to gather inspiration from fun toys and cartoons from the past. Discover something for everyone, from toys that capture the imagination to ones that spark old memories. Therell be a chance to tuck into warming hot chocolate and cookies during the workshop. </p><p>Price: 5 (normal admission fee applies)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01283 586 800 for more information</p><p>North West</p><p>A L L A N B A N K A N D G R A S M E R E , C U M B R I A</p><p>Handmade Christmas28 - 29 November, 4 - 6, 11 - 13, 18 - 20 December, 10:00 16:00 </p><p></p></li><li><p>This festive season the craft room at Allan Bank will be hosting craft activities for all the family to enjoy. Make tree decorations, gift bags and cards to take home, or create hand-printed wrapping paper. Soak up quintessential Lake District views, in The loveliest spot that man hath ever found, according to William Wordsworth.</p><p>Price: Free event (normal admission charges apply)</p><p>See more on this event or call 015394 35143 for more information</p><p>A C O R N B A N K , C U M B R I A</p><p>Christmas sugar-craft28 November, 9:30 15:30</p><p>Pick up some sugar-craft techniques that will give your baking a unique touch, perfect for Christmas cake and festive treats. With a well-known produce garden full of herbs and fruit, Acorn Bank is the perfect place to learn some new culinary skills from an expert. Refreshments and lunch will be included.</p><p>Price: 30 (normal admission fee applies, booking essential)</p><p>See more on this event or call 017683 61893 for more information</p><p>Yorkshire and North East</p><p>F O U N T A I N S A B B E Y A N D S T U D L E Y R O Y A L W AT E R G A R D E N , N O R T H Y O R K S H I R E</p><p>The elves Christmas workshop, 28 - 29 November, 5 6, 12 13, 19 23 December, 26 Dec 3 January, 13:00 16:00</p><p>The elves have been busy helping Father Christmas at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal. Walk through the elegant water garden of sparkling ponds and frozen statues to Swanley Grange, where kids can write letters to send off </p><p>from the twinkly post office. All writing materials will all be provided to write a Christmas wish list, including envelopes and stamps. There will also be the chance to make a glittery snowflake fit for any fir tree. Drop in after Christmas to write a thank you letter to Father Christmas.</p><p>Price: Free entry (normal admission fee applies)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01765 608888 for more information</p><p>B E N I N G B R O U G H H A L L , G A L L E R Y A N D G A R D E N S , N O R T H Y O R K S H I R E</p><p>Festive Artrageous5 6, 12 13, 19 20 December, 13:00 15:00 </p><p>Festive family art workshops will be running at Beningbrough Hall throughout the Christmas season. Decorate a Christmas bauble for the tree, make a stocking to hang at the end of the bed for Father Christmas or create a reindeer sock puppet just for fun. Some activities will carry a small charge. See the baroque mansion transformed into a winter wonderland and step inside the richly decorated rooms to get some inspiration for your crafts.</p><p>Price: Free event (normal admission fee applies)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01904 472027 for more information</p><p>Wales</p><p>P O W I S C A S T L E A N D G A R D E N S , P O W Y S</p><p>Illuminated garden27 29 November, 4 6 &amp; 11 13 December, 17:00 20:30 </p><p>On dark winter nights the world-renowned gardens and terraces of Powis Castle will be spectacularly illuminated in reds, oranges, greens and purples. Take a stroll through this winter </p><p></p></li><li><p>wonderland and see how many colours you can spot. Afterwards indulge in a spot of Christmas shopping at the gift shop and Christmas shop which will both be open until 8pm. </p><p>Price: Adults 6.70, Children 3.35, Free to NT members</p><p>See more on this event or call 01938 551929 for more information</p><p>D Y F F R Y N G A R D E N S , G L A M O R G A N</p><p>Botanical art28 November, 10am 4pm</p><p>Botanical artist Debbie Devauden leads this day-long introductory course on drawing botanical subjects, selected from the winter gardens at Dyffryn. From the intimate garden rooms to the rose garden, Pompeian garden and several tran-quil ponds, there will be a selection of studies to choose from. All botanical and artist materials will be provided. </p><p>Price: 35 (Booking essential)</p><p>Please call 02920 593328 for more information</p><p> </p><p>E R D D I G , W R E X H A M</p><p>Make your own Advent Calendar24 November, 10:00 15:00</p><p>For those who love both Christmas and crafts, this is the perfect activity. Create your very own handmade advent calendar, ready to be stocked with tasty treats just in time for December. Full instruction and materials are provided.</p><p>Price: 28.50 (booking essential)</p><p>See more on this event or call 01978315179 for more information</p><p></p><p>nt_christmas15_eventPDFs(web) 1nt_christmas15_eventPDFs(web) 2nt_christmas15_eventPDFs(web) 3nt_christmas15_eventPDFs(web) 4nt_christmas15_eventPDFs(web) 5</p></li></ul>