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    As Christmas carols fill the air with joy

    and merriment, as the chime of

    church bells echoes all around,

    and prayers reach out to God,

    we wish you a joyous Christmas.

    The Officers and Members of the
    Crooked Island Development Association

    To replace the sentiment here follow these instructions:

    Type your sentiment in the font of your choice. Ive used Frosty here, but that wont work on all computers (although Ive saved it as a picture so were OK with this exact sentiment), so choose something safe, like arial or times roman (not as cute, I know).Go to Slide Show > Animations > Custom Animation (PPT 2003) or Animations > Custom Animation.Select the existing sentiment. In the animation task pane, Youll see that its called Picture 2 and that its animated to Fade In, Very Fast, With Previous. With the new sentiment you created, animate it the same way Fade In, Very Fast, With Previous.In the animation task pane select this new animation and drag it so its located just under the Picture 2 animation.Move to the slide. Delete the old sentiment. Move yours into its place.Delete Sandy and type your nameYoure set to go.


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