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  1. 1. Christmas home dcor ideas: How to find the right pieces With Christmas just around the corner, people are scrambling to get the best dcor for their homes. Whether it may be going to the Chelsea Market and buying some cute little Christmas lights for your tree or apartment, because you want to make it really festive, its Christmas after all! Also if you want a place thats on the cheaper side, try Macys. They have amazing prices and you can get a Kurt Adler Set of 24 Early Years Mini Ball Ornaments Cool, right? Ornaments can be used in any room and makes for a great statement. If you want to really get into the Christmas spirit, you can fill a glass bowl with a handful of ornaments, as for the colors? Stick to red and gold for that Christmas holiday look. It could be any shape or size you want. When you are done hang it from your banister or chandelier (whichever you prefer) to give it some sparkle. Teens love Christmas.well so do the little ones as well and Im sure they would want some festive lights and cool ornaments in their rooms. So heres an idea that I know they will love! Grab a few of their favorite pictures or Christmas cards onto some Christmas lights and hang it on their wall. It could be in any area of the room. But I think also it just gives them some comfort in knowing that those special moments will always be there. They could be missing someone such as a family member; their dad might not come on Christmas because he is fighting in Iraq. And it helps bring back those precious memories, because you really want them to enjoy the holiday and create that Christmas atmosphere.
  2. 2. Another fun idea for decorating your house would be to put some of your favorite candies in glass ornaments and hang them around your Christmas tree. Your kids will be eating them all morning and its very kid-friendly! If you want, decorate your kitchen with some fancy Christmas dcor such as pretty plate greetings all you have to do is cut out letters from red paper or green (you want it to have that chic Christmas look) or for something a little less difficult, try stick on vinyl letters. Place the letters onto some white plates (white plates are simple and super elegant) and hang with plate hangers. Perfect for the Christmas holiday and will have your guests ooohing and awing at such a pretty display! These ideas are perfect for the Christmas holiday and will make your home even cozier! There is nothing like some Christmas dcor to get you in the Christmas spirit!