Chrome Devices and Google Apps - Computer Hardware ... ?· Easy to use, simple to integrate, and with…

Download Chrome Devices and Google Apps - Computer Hardware ... ?· Easy to use, simple to integrate, and with…

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Its a compelling combination: the power of Chrome devices with the performance of Google Apps. Together, they provide a complete business ecosystem for todays digitally connected workforce.

Easy to use, simple to integrate, and with built-in multi-layered security, Chrome devices and Google Apps work seamlessly to drive business collaboration, boost productivity and deliver valuable cost savings. Together, they can work for your business.

Chrome Devices and Google Apps working together for business.

Google Apps for Work

Chromebooks for workChrome devices for

kiosks & signage

Chrome devices for meetings

Super secure and easy to share

Multi-layered security Single Sign On Log-in

based user profiles

Starts fast, stays fast

Verified boot takes seconds Virtualization ready

OS automatically updates

Easy to manage and scale

Zero-touch control & deployment*

Greater flexibility, lower costs

More device and apps options Save up to 75% over 3 yrs*

8+ hr battery life#

Connect anyone

Connect up to 25 locations at once - all you need is an Internet connection.

No tricky dial-in codes

Instant collaboration

Easy meetings in full HD One click presentation Screen sharing

without cables Seamless integration with Google Apps

Easy to manage

Software, services and hardware provided just add a display Set up in minutes, easy remote management, automatic updates


For single-use (e.g. check-in) and multiple use (e.g. libraries) kiosks Choose from

a wide array of apps, devices and peripherals to fit your signage needs


Low TCO Set up and get started in minutes Update functionality

and content in seconds


Configure 1 or 1000s of devices from one browser-based console

Provide fresher, localized content Centrally auto-launch apps

NOTE: Statistics and performance refer to Chromebook and Chromebox category, not specific devices shown. *IDC White Paper: Quantifying the Economic Value of Chromebooks #Depending on usage.

2016 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Chrome for Work is a trademark of Google Inc.

Chromebooks for workRun web and desktop apps on a new type of computer, designed for the way we work today.

Chrome devices for meetingsConnect with anyone, anytime with scalable, high definition, low cost video conferencing.

Chrome devices for kiosks & signagePower single-use devices and digital signage for a variety of use cases.


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