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An introduction to the life and artwork of Chuck


  • 1. The Artwork of Chuck Close

2. Background Close was born in Washington in 1940 He was severely disabled as a child. Inaddition to physical limitations, Closecould not perform simple math and wasdyslexic. To help Close find something he couldsucceed at, his parents enrolled him in artlessons with a neighborhood artist. Close found his passion at a young age. 3. A Talent forCreating LikenessWhen Chuck attendedart school, he workedwith some of the mostfamous artists at thattime. However, hedeveloped his ownmethods and style,based on the grid,creating large-scalepaintings and printsthat havephotographicresemblance to thepeople he portrays. 4. Above, museum-goers visit a painting byChuck Close at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)Close captured even thesmallest details of this womans appearance, likestray hairs and freckles. 5. EvolutionChuck Closes workhas evolved over hiscareer. His mostrecent work has takenon a more abstractappearance. Whenasked what the key tohis success as anartist is, he says, Ivenever had a day ofartists block in my life.Everything Ive donehas come throughhard work, nothingmore. 6. Chuck NowClose suffered from astroke in 1988 which lefthim in a wheelchair. Henow resides in New YorkCity, where he continuesto make work andregularly give talks. InMarch 2012, he was akeynote speaker at theNational Art EducationAssociation conference,where he spoke to agroup of art teachersfrom across the countryabout the art makingprocess.