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Chuck Close Grid Drawings. Chuck Close an American photorealist specializing in close-up portraits and self-portraits. Self Portrait, 2000. Chuck Close: . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chuck Close Grid Drawings

Chuck Close Grid DrawingsChuck Close anAmerican photorealistspecializing in close-up portraits and self-portraits. Self Portrait, 2000

Chuck Close: Charles Thomas Close was born on July 5, 1940, in Monroe, Washington. He received his BA from the University of Washington before going on to graduate school at Yale, where he received his MFA. During his Yale days, Close was known for his skillful brushwork.

Today, just 38 years later, Chuck Close is one of Americas most well-known photorealist. Photorealism is a type of painting that first became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Painters use cameras and photographs to gather information and then from this information, they create a painting that appears to be as realistic as the photograph itself.

Of course, Close developed his own unique style. He creates a grid on the photo and on the canvas and copies cell by cell. This grid allows the creative process to be interrupted repeatedly without damaging the final product. The squares within the grid are filled with regions of color with give the cell a perceived average hue that makes sense from a distance.

Closes paintings are both time consuming and labor intensive. On average, one print takes two years to complete. He respects the technical processes and believes that collaboration with master printers is a necessary ingredient for the creation of his prints.

The most noteworthy trait of Chuck Close is his perseverance. On December 7, 1988, Close suffered from a seizure that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Through physical therapy, Close was able to regain slight movement in his arms but has relied on a wheelchair since The Event.

Despite the life-changing, and seemingly career ending, event, Close continued to paint with a brush strapped onto his wrist with tape. Close even painted with a brush in his mouth.He created large portraits in low-resolution grid squares created by an assistant. His photorealistic portraits took on a more pixelated look.

Examples of Chuck Closes Work:

Inspirations from Chuck Close:

Assignment Grid Drawings:1. Select photograph of high contrast - cut down to 6" x 8" . Measure a grid using ruler marking at one half inch intervals on top/bottom and sides of photograph. Draw line on photograph with ruler. Each inch square will be transferred to each 1 inch square on the students work.

2. Measure grid at 1 inch intervals at top, bottom and sides of a 12" x 16" white drawing paper. Draw grid using ruler - being careful to insure lines are straight and exactly one inch apart.Example of grid on next slide

3. Students are encouraged to concentrate on the value of a square in the photograph and replicate the value in the corresponding square on their drawing. Those who were most successful were able to see the value and not get lost in line or object. In this way, it now became an exercise in seeing and perception. Students are encouraged to make each grid a small work of art. Use Oil Pastels and Waters Colors in each square. Students should experiment on scrap paper first.

4. Create a variety of textures using line - develop some strong areas of contrast - some patterns will have solid areas of black. Some areas will have a very faint texture/line quality.

5. Be sure to study your work from a distance from time to time as you work. Critique when finished.

Example of Grid Drawing: