chuck close - portrait artist july 5, 1940 - presently 73 years old by k. del hierro

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Chuck Close - Portrait ArtistJuly 5, 1940 - Presently 73 Years Old

Chuck Close - Portrait ArtistJuly 5, 1940 - Presently 73 Years Oldby K. del Hierro

Chuck Close birthplace, Monroe, Washington, USA

Chuck Close up close and personal...Dressed as a magician in 1947, Chuck Close performed magic tricks for to gain friends. He was not athletic and not academically successful till later on in life, when he attended Universities.

His birth home at 134 South Madison Street, Monroe, Washington. Chuck Close lived in this modest home until he was 11 years old. He was forced to move with his mom to Tacoma, Washington when his father died and his mother came down with breast cancer.Chuck Close struggled with school due to a learning disability called dyslexia. There was not any help for dyslexics when he was in school. He did not let this stop him, as he later attended Yale!Chuck Close - Education BFA, 1962,University of WashingtonMFA, 1964, Yale University

Chuck Close - careersAfter attending universities, Chuck Close traveled through Europe.

Since that time he has worked as a professional painter, printmaker and photographer.When he returned to the United States, he worked as an art professor at the University of Massachusetts.

Chuck CloseUp close and PersonalChuck Close met his wife, Leslie Rose, when she took art classes from him. They had two daughters, Georgia and Maggie, and he created many portraits of his family. In late 2009 he divorced Leslie.

Chuck Close - Art MovementPhotorealism/SuperrealismChuck Close is a famous contemporary portrait artist who creates realistic likeness of people.

Chuck CloseThree famous works...Lucas II, 1987. Oil on canvas, 36 x 30"Kate, 2007. Jacquard tapestry, 103" x 79" (261.6 cm x 200.7 cm)

Zhang Huan II, 2008-2009. Oil on canvas, 101-1/2" x 84" (257.8 cm x 213.4 cm)

This painting is of the contemporary artist, Zhang Huan. Chuck Close painted a grid with patterns to create a portrait filled with different shapes and value. The painting is realistic and somewhat abstract at the same time.Chuck Close, Zhang Huan II

Zhang Huan II, 2008-2009. Oil on canvas, 101-1/2" x 84" (257.8 cm x 213.4 cm) Pace Gallery, London, EnglandChuck Close, Zhang Huan II

Chuck Close, Zhang, Huan II, Elements and Principles of Art

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Chuck Close, Zhang Huan II

Chuck Close creates perfection. There is not a thing that should be changed about this work of art.One could speculate that Zhang Huan and Chuck Close are friends and this is the reason why he painted this portrait.Personally, I enjoy this work of art because of the use of pattern to create a well proportioned human face; it inspires me to create more portraits and to explore the mixture of abstract pattern and realism.Chuck Close Art VideoPlace your YouTubeimbedded in yourpresentationChuck CloseRising above adversityOn December 7, 1988, Close felt pain in his chest from a collapsed spinal artery that paralyzed him from the neck down. After a few months in rehabilitation, Close could walk a few steps and move his hands to paint with a brush taped to his wrist. He said it was very difficult to do it at first, but after a while, he got used to it. He has relied on a wheelchair ever since.

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When every kid on the block wanted to become a policeman or fireman, I wanted to be an artist. It was the first thing that I was good at, the first thing that really made me special. I had skills the other kids didnt have. Art saved my life. ~Chuck CloseCitations