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Chuck Close is the inspiration for this collaborative portrait artwork.


  • 1. +Collaborative PortraitArt Studio

2. +Collaborative Portrait What does Collaboration mean? What is a Portrait? What could a Collaborative Portrait be? 3. +Chuck CloseB r : J l 5 1 4o n uy , 9 0A e ic np in emr a a t ra dp o o r p e . n h t g ahrP o o e l th t r a is .1 8 S in l9 8p aA t r Co l p e r e y la sP r p e ic a a lgS f e sf ou fr r mPooan s . r s p g o iasource 4. +Chuck Close Kate Moss / BradPittPaintings Pre-Spinal Artery Collapsesource source 5. + Chuck Close - Mark source 6. + Chuck Closesource 7. + Chuck Close Paintings Post-Spinal Artery Collapse source 8. + Chuck Close - Lucassource 9. + Chuck Close - Lucassource 10. + Chuck Close How he works 11. + Chuck Close Note To Self 12. +Chuck Close Philip Glass sourcesource 13. +Prosopagnosia - a disorder of face perceptionwhere the ability to recognizefaces is impaired, while the abilityto recognize other objects may berelatively intact. 14. +Chuck Close - Prosopagnosia (6:00 8:30) 15. +Chuck Close Inspiration is foramateurs; the rest of usjust show up and get to work. 16. +Previous Student Work 17. + Previous Student Work 18. +Previous Student Work 19. + Previous Student Work