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Chuck Close, Up Close. Vocabulary. Abstract. Definition: art in shapes that arent realistic Synonyms: unrealistic Antonyms: realistic, concrete Sentence: The abstract painting made the children giggle because it did not represent a realistic face. Abstract Paintings. Canvas. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chuck Close, Up Close

Chuck Close, Up CloseVocabularyAbstractDefinition: art in shapes that arent realisticSynonyms: unrealisticAntonyms: realistic, concreteSentence: The abstract painting made the children giggle because it did not represent a realistic face.

Abstract Paintings

CanvasDefinition: tough, woven material for painting (often stretched over a wooden frame)

Sentence: The artists studio was filled with blank and half-painted canvases.Canvas on a Frame

ConceptualDefinition: having to do with ideasSynonyms: hypothetical, visionaryAntonyms: concrete, physical

Sentence: His artwork was conceptual and had to do with saving the earth.Conceptual Art

ExhibitionDefinition: show of artworkSynonyms: display, presentation

Sentence: My uncle won first prize in the Anchorage Art Exhibition!Art Exhibition

HyperrealisticDefinition: Extremely real lookingSynonyms: very realistic, photographic

Sentence: Her painting was so hyperrealistic, I thought it was a photograph.Is it real?

ObstaclesDefinition: things that stand in the waySynonyms: blocks, barrier, disadvantageAntonyms: assistance, advantage

Sentence: The only obstacle that he faced was that he was in a wheelchair.Despite the obstacle of a wheelchair, he still raced in national competitions.

OpticallyDefinition: having to do with the eyeSynonym: visually

Sentence: There is more than one way to optically understand this picture.Optically Confusing?

PainstakingDefinition: involving great care and effortSynonyms: careful, meticulous, perfectionistAntonyms: careless, sloppy

Sentence: Years of painstaking effort was necessary to create the detail in the paintings of the Sistine Chapel.Sistine Chapel

PaletteDefinition: board for making paint colorsSentence: She mixed new shades on her palette by combining two or more colors.

PIXELSDefinition: pieces of an electronic imageSentence: If you look at photographs closely, they are made up of tiny pixels of colors.

PortraitDefinition: painting of a personSentence: She had to sit for hours while he painted her portrait.Sentence Two: Some artists prefer to paint a persons portrait by looking at their photograph.Portrait of Mona Lisa

Portrait by Chuck Close