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  • 1. The Beginning ofthe Church

2. After his ascension, the disciples of Jesus awaitedthe Spirit. On Pentecost the Holy Spirit came to them, andthey went out and began to preach. The Church was made know to the world onPentecost; this was the birth of the Church.Ch 3 3. The Marks of the Church visible signs that makethe Church what it is. We express these marks in the Nicene Creed The Church is: One Holy Catholic and Apostolic 4. 5. The Church is ONEThe Church is One because all true membersare one in faith, one in sacraments, one insacrifice and are united under one visiblehead.(2 Peter 1:1) 6. The Church is HOLYThe Church is Holy because its founder andhead is holy. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit toteach and strengthen us in holiness. TheChurch invites all humankind to a holy life.(John 6:69) 7. The Church is CATHOLICThe Church is Catholic (universal) because itexists in all ages, teaches all nations, andhas the source of all truth.(Mt. 28:16-20) 8. The Church is APOSTOLICThe Church is Apostolic because it rises on thefoundation of the Apostles, with Jesus as thehead. The Church is meant to continue themission of Jesus in the world. 9. TERMS1. creed2. catholic3. encyclical4. ecumenical5. ecumenical movement6. rite7. icon8. evangelizationCh 5 -7 10. 1. apostolic2. magisterium3. infallibility4. pope5. Vatican City6. cathedral7. diocese8. college ofbishopsCh 6- 8

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