cinematography analysis

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CINEMATOGRAPHY ANALYSIS Front Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread

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Cinematography Analysis

Cinematography AnalysisFront Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread

Front Cover

The main image on the front of the cover is placed more to the right of the cover. His eyeline is in the top third of the page and looks as though he is looking straight at the audience. It is a medium close up which clearly shows his facial expression, this is shocked. This is the first thing I looked at when I saw the cover. The use of a lot of images is a trait of pop magazines. They all usually are medium shots or close up shots which is creating a sense of direct address for the reader. The colour palette within this magazine is 3 main colours: Red, Blue and Yellow. These are primary colours and they are quite contrasting. They are vibrant and stand out to the reader. The eyeline of the main character is in line with the masthead. This creates an impression of importance and status. This is obvious because he is a part of one of the most famous boy bands in the world and is very easily recognized. All of the images used on the cover are of well known celebrities. They are all looking at the camera which makes the reader think they are looking at them.

Contents Page

In the contents page there are a variety of images related to the genre of pop. Most of them are mid shots but are smaller than others. The larger photos will be seen as more important to the reader than the smaller ones.

The shot types that have been used are mainly examples of medium close ups. These are used to clearly show the characters facial expressions. The lighting used within the different images is mainly high key, this is to show the artists facial expressions properly and to make the audience feel as though they are involved with the magazine.

The colours used are bright and colourful which creates a young and up to date feel about the magazine and the artists.


The use of the medium shot of the main image has been done to clearly show the artists facial expression. Her eyeline is in the top third of the frame and this because she is the main topic of this page and is clearly important. The medium shot has also been used to show the body language of the character. The other images around the page have been used to support the text in different ways. The use of the different shades of pinks makes it clear that the article is based around girls.