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High AngleThe high angle shot is recognisable for the camera pointing downwards onto the actor/object

Low AngleLow angle shots are recognisable by the camera aiming up to look at the object/ character usually used to emphasis authority.

Point of ViewPoint of view shots are recognisable by the camera seeing what the character sees.

Medium Close-UpThis shot is recognisable for it usually shows the character from the waist up

Close UpClose ups are recognisable for the usually show a characters whole face or one object in a shot.

Extreme Close UpExtreme close ups are recognisable by they show off one feature on an object or a character.

Long ShotLong shots are recognisable by that they show the characters whole body.

Over The Shoulder ShotOver the shoulder shots are recognisable because they are over a characters shoulder, usually used when a conversation is happening.

Two ShotTwo shots are used to show two characters usually to show a conversation or the relationship between two characters.

Establishing ShotThis shot is recognisable because it is usually aimed at a building/ area to show it off to the camera.