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Front Page

The background of the magazine is black, this helps for the main image to stand out, that being Eminem.

Eminem is center of the image, and his eye line is level with the masthead. This shows how he is powerful and how he will dominate the magazine, drawing teenage boys into it instantly.

Eminem's eye line is shot at the top third of the frame making him look dominant and intimidating.

The image used for the front page of the magazine is a mid shot, where the model (Eminem) is center of the camera. This helps to express Eminem's body language. Firstly his eyes are squinted showing he is apprehensive, cautious and careful. His eye line also shows how he is engaged with the reader.

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Contents PageThe XXL contents page is unique and effective to the reader, it contains more information of what exactly is in the magazine than that of a pop magazine so the reader can understand that this is a magazine on hip-hop.

The features of the magazine are located on the right side, and this makes it easily accessible to read.

The model has a high eye line and this resembles his power, this photo is a mid shot however the model is crouching so he can fit his whole body in. The models attire indicates that this is a hip hop magazine, this includes his sunglasses, his tracksuit top, and his gold watch.

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Double Page Spread

The facial expression of the model is serious, this creates a sense of passion to the reader. The shot used is a mid shot. However Eminem's eye line is high on the screen to exaggerate his power.

The background is black to show that he has had a dark life and how it is a dark article that is about to be read.

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How this will help me with my magazine.

• I will use mid shots• I will leave the eye line of my model at the top

of the screen, to exaggerate the models power.

• If my article is dark, I will use a black background to show this.