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Cinematography Task Phoebe Thomas

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  • 1. Cinematography TaskPhoebe Thomas

2. Extreme Close Up An extreme close up isused to show specificthings such as emotionin characters orimportant detail inobjects. 3. Close Up Close ups are usedwhen directors wantthe audience to payattention to specificthings the charactersays or their emotions. 4. Mid Shot Mid shots are used toshow a character and asmall part of theirsurroundings. 5. Medium Long Shot A medium long shot isto show a characterfrom their head to theirknees and is to 6. Long Shot/Extreme Long Shot The purpose of a longshot is to show theaudience thesurroundings and actionfrom a distance. 7. Two Shot The purpose of a twoshot is to showconversation or actionbetween twocharacters. 8. 3 Shot The purpose of a threeshot is to also showconversation or actionbetween three or morecharacters. 9. Over The Shoulder Shot An over the shouldershot is used to focus theaudience on a specificcharacter and theirspeech duringconversation. 10. High Angle Shot A high angle shot is ashot taken from aboveshowing actors andaction, can makecertain characters lookmore dominant andpowerful and othercharacters weaker andmore submissive. 11. Low Angle Shot A low angle shot istaken from below and issometimes used tomake the actor lookpowerful, strong anddominant and make theaudience feel small andvulnerable.