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Citrix Event "From Data Centre to Delivery Centre" at Kensington Roof Gardens on 11th August 2009. 10:30 - 11:00 Transforming App Delivery


  • 1. Transforming Application Delivery Alex Hill Citrix Systems
  • 2. Centralize, Virtualize, Optimize DeliveryNetwork WorkflowStudio DynamicDatacenter XenDesktop XenApp XenServer Monitor Optimize Secure Provision NetScaler
  • 3. One copy of each app One desktop OS image One image of each workload One password & identity One instance of data One user experience
  • 4. The Best Way to Virtualize and Deliver All Windows Applications On-Demand
  • 5. Typical Application Lifecycle Management Deployment Test all server, client, machine combinations Regression testing Software installation End of Life Maintenance /Updates Software removal Regression testing Clean-up Software installation Application Support Application conflict Help desk calls Trouble shoot at end-point
  • 6. Application Virtualization Application Virtualization Virtualize 1. Eliminate app conflicts Streaming 2. Eliminate regression testing Streaming XenApp Centralize Server 1. Install once 2. Secure app and data Presentation Virtualization Separate the App, User and Machine Virtual App Hosted Virtual App Local Any device, any network Offline use Use local resources
  • 7. Application Lifecycle Savings with Delivery On Demand Software Delivery No Regression testing No Software installation End of life Maintenance/Updates No Software Un-install No Regression testing No Post-removal cleanup No Software installation Application Support No Application conflict Application Re-set Reduced Help desk calls
  • 8. Remoteorlocalapps Citrix XenApp Hostedorstreamed Windowsapps Laptops, MicrosoftTerminalServices desktopPCs, mobiledevices, virtualdesktops
  • 9. Reduces application management costs by 50% XenApp Delivers applications instantly to users anywhere Appvirtualization Improves data security and forWindows eliminates data loss Enables users to be more mobile and productive on any device
  • 10. IT operational HW & SW Worker IT staff costs costs downtime productivity Gartner - August 4, 2008
  • 11. XenApp End-to-end Application Delivery System Users Apps Application Performance Security and Compliance Application Virtualization Performance Monitoring Branch Repeater SmartAccess Hosted and Streamed WANScaler Mobile Client Single Sign-on Management Smart Auditor EasyCall Scalability High Availability
  • 12. TCO Comparison: Desktop PCs vs. SBC Costs are per user per year Source: Gartner (August 2008)
  • 13. XenApp Delivers 50% lower TCO Source: Gartner (August 2008)
  • 14. Are All Your Users the Same??
  • 15. What does your user base look like? 30% 55% 15% Task Workers Office Workers Mobile Workers
  • 16. Task Workers Keep It Simple Standardized work environment Fast startup / low support Data security Compliance control Task Workers (30%) Deliveringshareddesktopsw/apps Thin client XenApp
  • 17. Mobile Workers Flexible Portability Frequent travel and offline work Unmanaged/low-managed devices PC upgrade, move, refresh Mobile Workers (15%) DeliveringappsintoaninstalleddesktopOS Laptop XenApp
  • 18. Office Workers Pristine, Yet Personalized Office day extension Inter / intra office roaming Infrequent travel PC upgrade, move, refresh Office Workers (55%) Deliveringvirtualdesktopswithapps DeliverappsintoVMs Desktop Appliance, XenApp for Repurposed PC XenDesktop Virtual Desktops
  • 19. XenApp Product Line Platinum Offers a strategic end-to-end application delivery system that Edition virtualizes all Windows applications Enterprise Delivers a wide variety of mission-critical Windows applications Edition Advanced Provides server-side application virtualization capabilities Edition Citrix XenApp Fundamenta Provides a turnkey solution for small and mid-size businesses ls with limited IT resources to deliver secure, remote access
  • 20. Why Should IT Act Now? Reduce application management costs by up to 50% Best way to address business climate / economic conditions Virtual Workplace Green IT Work from Home Business continuity Flexibility and agility to respond to business needs Most secure way to deliver all Windows applications Ability to support the broadest range of users and devices while maintaining control