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    Background: The FY 2013 year-end settlement process for the Charlottesville-Albemarle Health Department (C.A.H.D.) resulted in a $27,291 surplus to be potentially returned to the City. This resulted from unexpected personnel turn-over savings and the State covering 100% of the bonus received by classified staff in November 2012. Dr. Lilian Peake, Health Department Director, is requesting the Citys permission to carry over those surplus funds into the current years Health Department budget to cover the costs they will incur due to the following:

    17% increase in employee health insurance premiums 2% salary increase Salary compression pay increase for eligible employees 5% decrease in federal grant funding to TJHD due to sequestration

    Discussion: The State of Virginia Acts of Assembly authorized a 2% salary increase for classified and wage employees and a compression adjustment of $65 per year for employees with over five years of service. This is the first pay raise for State employees since 2007. Additionally, there has been a 17% increase in state employee health insurance premiums from F.Y. 2013 to F.Y. 2014 for all State employees. The Charlottesville-Albemarle Health Department also receives significant funding from Federal grants and sequestration has led to a 5% decrease in federal funds. Alignment with City Councils Vision and Priority Areas: Approval of this agenda item aligns directly with Councils vision for Charlottesville to be Americas Healthiest City. This funding will support local public health personnel who provide exceptional public health services to the Charlottesville community through multiple programs, including clinical preventive services (family planning, immunizations, W.I.C. nutrition, S.T.I. clinics, refugee health), communicable disease control and prevention, environmental health services, community health assessment, and health promotion and education (Improving Pregnancy Outcomes Workgroup, Move2Health, Tobacco Use Control Coalition). Community Engagement: Health Department staff work to engage many community organizations, the public, and hard-to-reach populations. An example of a population-based effort is the completion of a collaborative Community

    Agenda Date: September 16, 2013. Action Required: Approved Authorization Resolution. Presenter: Dr. Lilian Peake, Director, Thomas Jefferson Health District. Staff Contacts: Leslie Beauregard, Director of Budget and Performance Management. Title: Charlottesville-Albemarle Health Department Carry Over Request - $27,291

  • Health Assessment (C.H.A.) and Community Health Improvement Plan (C.H.I.P.). One of the issues identified in the C.H.A./C.H.I.P. was obesity and we are now working with community partners to increase the percentage of persons who engage in physical activity on a regular basis. An example of a patient-based effort is our W.I.C. clinic provided at the Westhaven Clinic. Budgetary Impact: This expenditure refund would come back as revenue (refund of prior years expenditures) to the General Fund in this years budget (F.Y. 2014). There would, however, be no direct impact on the Citys appropriated budget this year, as the $27,291 has already been appropriated and accounted for as expenditure in last years budget (F.Y. 2013). Recommendation: Staff recommends approval of the Health Departments request to use F.Y. 2013 surplus local funds of $27,291. The County received a similar request and has already approved the request. Alternatives: The only alternative is to deny approval of this request. The Health Department would then have to return the funds to the City. Attachments: N/A.

  • RESOLUTION. Authorization of Carryover for Charlottesville-Albemarle Health Department.


    NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Charlottesville,

    Virginia, that the Charlottesville-Albemarle Health Department is authorized to carry over the sum

    of $27,291 from Fiscal Year 2013 for the above-stated purpose.


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