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<ul><li><p>7/23/2019 Civic Engagement Campaign Reflection</p><p> 1/7</p><p>Ford 1</p><p>Samantha Ford</p><p>Professor Jacob Stewart</p><p>ENC3331</p><p>November 24, 2015</p><p>Recc!"n# Rat"o Rea!"t</p><p>For most $eo$!e "n co!!e#e, recc!"n# has been an "ss%e that&amp;s "n#ra"ned "nto one&amp;s m"nd,</p><p>b%t hard! ever enforced w"th an sort of a%thor"t' (n fact, "t&amp;s a!most a!was treated as an</p><p>aftertho%#ht, someth"n# to do as one&amp;s )*ood +eed of the +a and never a necess"t' -ere at</p><p>.CF, one can #o thro%#h the"r da"! !"fe w"th hard! a tho%#ht abo%t "t' Recc!"n# b"ns are fo%nd</p><p>"ns"de some b%"!d"n#s, and the res"dence ha!!s have recc!"n# serv"ces $rov"ded/wh"ch sounds</p><p>#reat, b%t "n rea!"t "s far from be"n# eno%#h' ccord"n# to the .CF C!"mate ct"on P!an, the</p><p>%n"vers"t "s s%$$osed to have a 5 recc!"n# rate b the ear 2020, a fa"r! !oft #oa! when</p><p>cons"der"n# how !"tt!e $r"or"t "t&amp;s be"n# #"ven now, f"ve ears from the dead!"ne' (f we want an</p><p>ho$e of reach"n# that sort of s%ccess, then the rat"o of recc!"n# b"ns to trash cans has to be</p><p>evened o%t'</p><p>he reason"n# "s s"m$!e conven"ence "s cr"t"ca! for most $eo$!e, b%t es$ec"a!! co!!e#e</p><p>st%dents' Everone "s a!was on the move, a!was need"n# to #etsomewhere. (f the&amp;ve #ot a</p><p>$!ast"c bott!e or a can of Red %!! "n the"r hand, "t&amp;s %n!"6e! that the&amp;re #o"n# to wa"t %nt"! the</p><p>cross $aths w"th the ne7t recc!"n# b"n to d"s$ose of "t when the trash cans are more eas"! fo%nd'</p><p>(n fact, accord"n# to the S%n "mes, 8a!t +"sne h"mse!f fo%nd that the avera#e n%mber of ste$s</p><p>$eo$!e wo%!d ta6e before !ett"n# #o of the"r trash "s th"rt, wh"ch "s wh a trash can "s fo%nd</p><p>ever th"rt feet "n h"s $ar6s' *ranted, th"s was to red%ce !"tter, b%t the same conce$t can be</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Civic Engagement Campaign Reflection</p><p> 2/7</p><p>Ford 2</p><p>a$$!"ed to recc!ab!es $eo$!e aren&amp;t #o"n# to ho!d them forever, and "f the ne7t recc!"n# b"n</p><p>"sn&amp;t w"th"n s"#ht, the chances of them #ett"n# that recc!ab!e $ro$er! d"s$osed are s!"m'</p><p>(n order to tac6!e th"s "ss%e, the tar#et at hand "s the .CF adm"n"strat"on, for the are the</p><p>ones that m%st em$!o the $o!"c and a$$rove the costs "t w"!! enta"!' hese costs are a!so one of</p><p>the b"##est constra"nts of the "ss%e/not on! wo%!d the b"ns have to be bo%#ht, b%t there wo%!d</p><p>be e7tra !abor costs "nvo!ved "n em$t"n# them and sort"n# thro%#h sa"d recc!ab!es' 8"th that "n</p><p>m"nd, the overa!! strate# of the cam$a"#n "s to $%t $ress%re on the assoc"ate d"rector of</p><p>%n"vers"t b%d#et, +onna +%b%c, and her assoc"ates' (n order to do th"s, three tact"cs are</p><p>em$!oed $artnersh"$s, ra"s"n# awareness, and $et"t"on"n#'</p><p> co%$!e of $artnersh"$s have to be made, name! w"th r"an 8ormwood 9the assoc"ate</p><p>d"rector of .CF Recc!es: and Em"! +ovda"t%s 9the -ea!th and S%sta"nab"!"t Coord"nator of</p><p>S*:' he st%dent bod "s another a%d"ence that needed to be addressed, wh"ch "s done thro%#h</p><p>$et"t"ons and f!ers' !to#ether, the can s%ff"c"ent! d"rect $ress%re towards the .CF</p><p>adm"n"strat"on to a$$rove th"s "n"t"at"ve and "ncrease the n%mber of recc!"n# b"ns on cam$%s'</p><p> constra"nt concern"n# the st%dent bod "s addressed "n the $oster that "nstr%cts st%dents</p><p>where the nearest recc!"n# b"n "s' he $oster shown "s mere! an e7am$!e, and wo%!d #o near</p><p>trash cans b the ;ath &lt; Sc"ence b%"!d"n#' =thers aro%nd cam$%s wo%!d be ta"!ored to d"rect</p><p>$eo$!e to the nearest recc!"n# b"n from that trash can&amp;s !ocat"on' h"s $oster demands that</p><p>st%dents cons"der the d"scre$anc between what we&amp;re to!d/)Recc!"n# "s an eas cho"ce&gt; and</p><p>)8e need to recc!e more&gt;/vers%s rea!"t, wh"ch !oo6s more !"6e a trash haven than a cam$%s</p><p>determ"ned to "ncrease "ts recc!"n# efforts' h"s "s an "ss%e of character"?at"on 9descr"$t"on:,</p><p>s$ec"f"ca!! of the scene, or )the s"t%at"on "n wh"ch @the actA occ%rred 9A Grammar Of Motives</p><p>7v:' S"m$! $%t, we can&amp;t be e7$ected to recc!e "f there aren&amp;t an ava"!ab!e means to do so'</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Civic Engagement Campaign Reflection</p><p> 3/7</p><p>Ford 3</p><p>Ra"s"n# awareness to th"s $arado7 of sorts concern"n# the scene "s "m$ortant "n #ett"n# the</p><p>st%dents th"n6"n# and ta!6"n# to each other abo%t the "ss%e'</p><p>;ost "m$ortant "n en#a#"n# the st%dents w"th these $osters, however, "s connect"n# the</p><p>"ss%e of recc!"n# to them at a $ersona! !eve!' (n the )S$"r"t S$!ashB =r S$"r"t TrashB $oster, the</p><p>$r"nc"$!e of br"n#"n# the "ss%e home "s f%ndamenta! "t )ma6e@sA "t $ersona! @so thatA the</p><p>conseD%ences of "nact"on far more rea! and re!evant 9b"!eah and Evans:' Noth"n# "s more</p><p>re!evant to a .CF n"#ht than S$"r"t S$!ash, $robab! the most h"#h!ant"c"$ated and revered</p><p>trad"t"on at the %n"vers"t' o tr%d#e %$on "t "n an wa "s $ract"ca!! sacr"!e#"o%s, so the "dea of</p><p>"t be"n# r%"ned b o%r !ac6 of recc!"n# effect"ve! $%ts a $ersona! sta6e "n the "ss%e' S"m"!ar!, "t</p><p>%t"!"?es ar!nn Cam$be!!&amp;s $ers%as"ve cont"n%%m, wh"ch descr"bes d"fferent $%r$oses of</p><p>$ers%as"on 9Cam$be!! as "n Pa!c?ews6" et a! 1:' (n the case of th"s $oster, the $%r$ose was to</p><p>create a v"s%a! e7$er"ence and ma6e st%dents see how recc!"n# 9or !ac6 thereof: can d"rect!</p><p>"m$act the"r !"ves' o#ether, these two "deas force st%dents to start rea!"?"n# that these seem"n#!</p><p>sma!! dec"s"ons that the&amp;re ma6"n# can "m$act them on an "nd"v"d%a! !eve!, th%s overcom"n# one</p><p>of the b"##est constra"nts of the st%dent a%d"ence'</p><p>he $et"t"on "s "m$ortant beca%se the amo%nt of s"#nat%res "t #arners w"!! $!a a cr"t"ca!</p><p>ro!e "s $!ac"n# $ress%re on .CF adm"n"strat"on' (t "s the ne7t ste$ from the awareness that the</p><p>$osters ra"sed we&amp;ve #otten $eo$!e ta!6"n# abo%t the "ss%e, and now "t&amp;s t"me for them to d"rect</p><p>the"r attent"on to the r"#ht $eo$!e' he $rob!em "s that most $eo$!e "#nore $et"t"oners, not even</p><p>$a%s"n# to hear what the have to sa, ma6"n# o%r attem$ts to %se the st%dent bod as a so%rce of</p><p>$ress%re red%ndant' s seen "n the o%t!"ne, o%r $et"t"oners wo%!d have the"r ver own Ca$ta"n</p><p>P!anet to st"r %$ some "nterest and "ncent"ve to come over' Catch"n# attent"on "n th"s manner "s an</p><p>"dea rooted "n advanced !eaf!et"n#, wh"ch enco%ra#es act%a! res%!ts b ma6"n# the de!"ver more</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Civic Engagement Campaign Reflection</p><p> 4/7</p><p>Ford 4</p><p>memorab!e and #"v"n# "t a !"tt!e )f!a"r 9od and Gambert:' =nce the $et"t"on "s "n the"r hands,</p><p>the&amp;!! be e7$osed to an a$$ea! of $ract"ca! w"sdom, or common sense 9r"stot!e as "n</p><p>Pa!c?ews6" et a! 153:' Pos"t"on"n# the $et"t"on "n s%ch stra"#htforward, s"m$!"st"c terms "s</p><p>necessar and he!$f%!, beca%se, as stated $rev"o%s!, $eo$!e don&amp;t have a !ot of t"me to d"!!da!!</p><p>and $onder more com$!"cated "ss%es' 8"th that "n m"nd, creat"ve $et"t"on de!"ver "s what wo%!d</p><p>ro%nd o%t the $et"t"on&amp;s s%ccess b man"fest"n# the n%mber of s"#nat%res "nto a tan#"b!e "tem for</p><p>%!t"mate "m$act 9;e"se!:' h"s f"na! ste$ ma6es a statement that&amp;s harder for +onna +%b%c and</p><p>the rest of the adm"n"strat"on to "#nore, th"s com$"!at"on of water bott!es to re$resent a certa"n</p><p>n%mber of s"#nat%res' Not on! that, b%t "t co%!d $otent"a!! #arner the attent"on of the med"a/</p><p>s%ch as n"#ht News/and f%rther the amo%nt of $ress%re $%t on them to $ass the "n"t"at"ve'</p><p>;ost "m$ortant to th"s ent"re cam$a"#n are the ema"!s to ;r' r"an 8ormwood, the</p><p>ssoc"ate +"rector of .CF Recc!es, and Em"! +ovda"t%s, the -ea!th and S%sta"nab"!"t</p><p>Coord"nator of S*' Partnersh"$s w"th them are "m$ortant beca%se the can $rov"de "ns"#ht "n</p><p>how to nav"#ate the .CF b%rea%crac and ass"st "n f"net%n"n# the m"n%te and $otent"a!!</p><p>$rob!emat"c deta"!s of the cam$a"#n' eca%se ( want to wor6 w"th these $eo$!e rather than</p><p>a#a"nst them, two 6e conce$ts were "m$ortant "n wr"t"n# these "n"t"a! ema"!s "dent"f"cat"on and</p><p>ethos' 8hen "t comes to ethos, or cred"b"!"t, three th"n#s ma"n! come "nto $!a $ract"ca!</p><p>w"sdom, v"rt%e, and #oodw"!! 9r"stot!e as "n Pa!c?ews6" et a! 153:' (f an sort of $artnersh"$ "s</p><p>to be had between %s, then the have to be s%re on the"r end that ( am a $artner worth $%rs%"n#,</p><p>wh"ch "s what ma6es ethos so "m$ortant "n estab!"sh"n# "n these ema"!s' J%st as w"th the $et"t"on,</p><p>$ract"ca! w"sdom was em$!oed "n the sense that m $os"t"ons were !a"d o%t "n a c!ear and !o#"ca!</p><p>manner so as to ma6e "t eas"er for them to fo!!ow m tra"n of tho%#ht d"rect! "nto the conc!%s"on</p><p>(&amp;ve drawn' H"rt%e act%a!! t"es "n w"th "dent"f"cat"on, as both "nvo!ve shar"n# s"m"!ar D%a!"t"es/</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Civic Engagement Campaign Reflection</p><p> 5/7</p><p>Ford 5</p><p>v"rt%e I%st "nvo!ves tra"ts that are s$ec"f"ca!! cons"dered honorab!e 9153: wh"!e "dent"f"cat"on</p><p>"nvo!ves ma6"n# a connect"on w"th one&amp;s a%d"ence based on )common sensat"ons, conce$ts,</p><p>"ma#es, "deas, @andA att"t%des, b%t th"s was s!"#ht! d"fferent for each $erson 9Rhetoric of</p><p>Motives21:' Perha$s the most "m$ortant as$ect of th"s ema"!, however, "s the conce$t of</p><p>#oodw"!!, wh"ch ta6es the v"ew$o"nt of the a%d"ence "nto cons"derat"on and a$$ea!s to the"r</p><p>des"res 9r"stot!e as "n Pa!c?ews6" et a! 154:'</p><p>8hen "t came to ;r' 8ormwood, ( a$$ea!ed to the fact that we&amp;re both, c!ear!,</p><p>$ass"onate abo%t recc!"n#' -e "s, after a!!, the ssoc"ate +"rector at .CF Recc!es/the man "n</p><p>char#e of the recc!"n# $ro#ram at .CF' =n the other hand, Em"! "s "dent"f"ed w"th b !abe!"n#</p><p>both of %s concerned st%dents that want to !essen the amo%nt of waste be"n# $rod%ced' J%st th"s</p><p>$ast s$r"n# semester, she sta#ed an event at the Ref!ect"n# Pond, f"!!"n# "t w"th 250,000 $!ast"c</p><p>bott!es to em$has"?e the %ns%sta"nab"!"t of one%se bott!es' $"ct%re of th"s event "s the "ma#e</p><p>%sed on the S$"r"t S$!ash $oster of th"s cam$a"#n' .nder th"s th"n6"n#, not on! are we s"m"!ar,</p><p>b%t we&amp;re s"m"!ar "n the "m$ortant, res$ectab!e, and re!evant was, wh"ch bro%#ht "n the as$ect of</p><p>v"rt%e' Not on! that, b%t these ema"!s are caref%! to $o"nt o%t that ( am on the"r s"de, and don&amp;t</p><p>want to ma6e the cam$a"#n "nto an attac6 of the"r wor6' h"s sense of #oodw"!! was es$ec"a!!</p><p>"m$ortant to $o"nt o%t "n the ema"! to ;r' 8ormwood, s"nce he&amp;s "n char#e of the recc!"n#</p><p>$ro#ram and m messa#e d"rect! re!ates to that wor6"n# w"th h"m on th"s wo%!d $revent a !ot of</p><p>add"t"ona! constra"nts' For that reason, ( caref%!! $hrase "t to frame m cam$a"#n as want"n# to</p><p>expand the recc!"n# $ro#ram, not that the recc!"n# $ro#ram "s fa"!"n# b an means' he same</p><p>"dea a$$!"es to Em"!' -er cam$a"#n !ast s$r"n# was to, as ( stated, $romote re%sab!e water</p><p>bott!es, and that recc!"n# can on! do so m%ch' ; messa#e to her was that, b $%tt"n# o%r</p><p>"n"t"at"ves to#ether, we co%!d have a m%ch h"#her env"ronmenta! "m$act than we co%!d b</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Civic Engagement Campaign Reflection</p><p> 6/7</p><p>Ford 6</p><p>$romot"n# one over the other' (n other words, #oodw"!! a!!owed me to em$has"?e the "dea that the</p><p>re!at"onsh"$ ( want to form "s one that can m%t%a!! benef"t both th"s cam$a"#n and them'</p><p>(n #enera!, "t&amp;s fa"r to sa that a vast maIor"t of $eo$!e are aware of the benef"ts and</p><p>"m$ortance of recc!"n# "n the !on#term hea!th of the $!anet, wh"ch "s wh the foc%s of the</p><p>cam$a"#n "s !ess on the $ros and cons of recc!"n# and more so on "ts re!evance to .CF and how</p><p>we can more eas"! "m$!ement "t "nto o%r !"ves' (t&amp;s rea!! a!! abo%t a$$!"n# eno%#h $ress%re on</p><p>.CF adm"n"strat"on to conv"nce them that th"s "nvestment "s worthwh"!e "n the !on# r%n' eca%se</p><p>of the nat%re of the cam$a"#n, the tact"cs of %t"!"?"n# $osters, $et"t"ons, and $artnersh"$s are most</p><p>effect"ve to meet these ends, and the have $os"t"oned "n a wa that best a$$ea!s to the a%d"ences</p><p>the&amp;re d"rected towards' For the st%dent bod, "t was most "m$ortant to %se a$$ea!s that #ot them</p><p>to connect w"th the "n"t"at"ve on a $ersona! !eve!, wh"!e w"th ra"n 8ormwood and Em"!</p><p>+ovda"t%s "t was most "m$ortant to estab!"sh m cred"b"!"t so the wo%!d hear the "n"t"at"ve o%t</p><p>"n a ser"o%s manner' =vera!!, ( be!"eve that these tact"cs ( %t"!"?ed were best "n a"m"n# m</p><p>"n"t"at"ve towards s%ccess'</p><p>Works Cited</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Civic Engagement Campaign Reflection</p><p> 7/7</p><p>Ford 7</p><p>b"!eah, Rae, and Jod"e Evans' Kr"n# the (ss%e -ome'KBeautiful Trouble' ea%t"f%! ro%b!e,</p><p>n'd' 8eb' 1 Nov' 2015'</p><p>%r6e, enneth'A Grammar of Motives. er6e!e . of Ca!"forn"a Press, 1LML' 7v' Pr"nt'</p><p>%r6e, enneth' K(dent"f"cat"on and Cons%bstant"a!"t'KA Rhetoric of Motives' er6e!e . of</p><p>Ca!"forn"a, 1LML' 2023' Pr"nt</p><p>Cann"n#, +o!e, Patr"c6 Re"nsboro%#h, and ev"n %c6!and' KShow, +on&amp;t e!!'KBeautiful</p><p>Trouble' ea%t"f%! ro%b!e, n'd' 8eb' 1 Nov' 2015'</p><p>Gambert, Steve, and ndrew od' Kdvanced Geaf!et"n#'KBeautiful Trouble' ea%t"f%!</p><p>ro%b!e, n'd' 8eb' 1 Nov' 2015'</p><p>;e"se!, +%ncan' KCreat"ve Pet"t"on +e!"ver'KBeautiful Trouble' ea%t"f%! ro%b!e, n'd' 8eb'</p><p>1 Nov' 2015'</p><p>Pa!c?ews6", Cather"ne -e!en, R"chard (ce, and John Fr"tch'Rhetoric In Civic ife' State Co!!e#e,</p><p>P Strata P%b', 2012' Pr"nt'</p><p>.n"vers"t of Centra! F!or"da' )a6"n# ct"on Now .CF&amp;s C!"mate ct"on P!an' 200L' 8eb'</p><p>1 Nov' 2015'</p><p>Ha%#hn, Shamont"e!' K8a!t +"sne 30foot rash R%!e (nf!%enc"n# Ph"!ade!$h"a Streets'K</p><p>Orlando !un Times' S%n "mes Networ6, 10 ;a 2015' 8eb' 1 Nov' 2015'</p></li></ul>