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  • Hosted by: Ka-e Lance, CEO/Owner, Ka-e Lance Consul-ng

    Class 1: Part 3 LinkedIn


  • LinkedIn Essen:als


  • Upda:ng your profile •  Background: Include name, :tle and company you work for •  Summary: Update your summary – this should be 2-3 paragraphs

    that are an overview of your experience and exper:se. •  Upload presenta6ons: If you have presenta:ons formaLed in

    Keynote or Power Point that talk about your exper:se, you can upload these in the sec:on below your exper:se. You can upload them to and then link them in LinkedIn.

    •  Experience: Make sure you have the basics in there – updated photo, work history (last 10 years), dates, experience and educa:on.

    •  Skills and exper6se: Think of this sec:on as the ‘keywords’ for your profile. Pick 7-10 key words to describe your special:es and/or areas of exper:se. These are skills that people can endorse you for and also can suggest addi:onal skills you may not have listed.


  • Giving and receiving recommenda:ons

    •  One of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn is the recommenda:ons you can receive. To the average consumer, LinkedIn tes:monials are more authen:c because you did not touch or alter them in any way – they are truly from a past colleague or client. This is “social proof.”

    •  Write one or two recommenda6ons a month for people you have done business with – customer, clients and/or team members. A recommenda:on is unexpected, but almost always appreciated and reciprocated. –  A recommenda:on can be 2 or 3 sentences of how you know this person and why you would recommend them.


  • How to leave someone a LinkedIn


    1.   Connect with them on LinkedIn 2.   Go to their LinkedIn profile 3.   Click the drop-down and click on


  • Driving traffic to your LinkedIn profile

    •  Email signature: Add your public profile link to your email signature. If you are using Outlook, edit your email signature in the Edit>Op:ons menu. If you are using Gmail or another free email provider, a great free service to use is WiseStamp. WiseStamp will allow you to add all your social media channels into your email signature.

    •  Add connec6ons: Add past and current colleagues and clients. It’s worth the :me to get your client database into an excel spreadsheet (.CSV file). If you are using Outlook or Gmail you can easily export your list. Once you’ve done that, copy and paste that email list into LinkedIn (Under ‘Contacts’ > ‘Add Connec:ons.’)

    •  Every new person you meet that could be a client – are you connec6ng with him or her on LinkedIn? Reach out to poten:al and current clients via LinkedIn – this is an easy way to connect and expand your sphere professionally. It’s easier to send a LinkedIn request than a Facebook Friend request to someone you just met!


  • Click on your ‘Profile’ buSon first

    Then, copy and paste this link to share your LinkedIn profile link

    How to find and share the link to your LinkedIn profile

  • Create LinkedIn status updates Get in front of your connec:ons on LinkedIn by pos:ng a status update to LinkedIn 3 :mes a week. •  Do’s:

    –  Post links to ar:cles about the market (from Inman News, Realtor Magazine, your local associa:on or brokerage/ franchise)

    –  It is recommended that most of your posts on LinkedIn are professional and focus on things like: the housing market, real estate informa:on, economy news, etc.

    •  Don’ts: –  Post links to lis:ngs or personal updates (i.e. family or hobbies)


  • Publishing on LinkedIn By publishing once or twice a month on LinkedIn, it con:nues to establish your credibility throughout your professional network. There is tremendous value in publishing new or old blog posts on the LinkedIn plajorm. If your post gains a lot of trac:on, it can be viewed by thousands of people – beyond your connec:ons! To publish to LinkedIn, go to the status update box on LinkedIn. Click on the pencil icon, from there you can add a blog post. Do’s •  Post original content. •  Get crea:ve. What :ps can you share about the industry or your market that are of value? •  Include a photo in your post. Create a free image using •  At the end of your post 2-3 sentences about who you are and link back to your original post

    (if this was a post you previously wrote)

    Don’ts •  Copy/paste ar:cles from other sources or ar:cles that you did not originally write.


  • How to create and publish a blog post on LinkedIn

    Click on your ‘Home’ buSon first

    Then, click ‘Publish a post’ to write and publish a blog post on LinkedIn. Once published, it will appear on your LinkedIn profile.

  • Homework

    1.   Update your LinkedIn profile – share the link 2.   Write one LinkedIn blog post – share the link –  300-500 words, use the content grid for inspira:on

    3.   Leave one LinkedIn recommenda6on –  Surprise someone!



  • What’s next?

    •  Don’t forget to work on your homework! •  Join Facebook Group: hLps:// getsocialsmart/

    •  Watch the previous videos! •  Next class: Facebook personal profiles, Facebook business pages and Facebook ads

    •  Have a great week! J


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