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Classroom Teacher Self-Reflection Rubric

Classroom Teacher Self-Reflection Rubric

Elementary Literacy Model

Classroom Environment

The teacher





Not Established


posts and explains the standards-based learning objectives to establish the targeted student learning expected at the end of the lesson.

uses essential questions to stimulate deep thought, promote genuine inquiry, spark meaningful connections, and provoke relevant alternate questions.

plans a 90 minute block of uninterrupted ELA time and an additional 30 minutes (or more) of authentic writing daily (see ACPS Literacy Model Writing rubric).

creates a print-rich environment that fosters language and vocabulary development that students will use as readers and writers.

organizes the classroom to provide easy access to specific areas designed to foster reading, writing, speaking, listening, exploration, and creative expression (centers/stations).

builds an accessible, multilevel, and diverse classroom library (organized by genre, theme, author, or level, etc.) to promote literacy development.

arranges the classroom to maximize student engagement and collaboration (whole group, small group, etc.).

displays anchor charts that reflect original student and teacher thinking.

displays authentic student work (inside and outside the classroom) with standard, task description, and rubric.

employs word walls (may include high-frequency, cross-curricular academic, and domain-specific words)to support readers and writers as they process and create texts.


Division of Instruction and Accountability Elementary Literacy Model


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