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    Premium Service3, the Student Success GPS

    Robust tools and capabilities that expand the power of base StudentTracker4 to provide insights on student pathways and outcomes unavailable anywhere else.

    • Tracks postsecondary enrollment/completion nationwide • Premium Service adds:

    - Analysis-ready report - Ability to re-rerun request fi les - Institution-specifi c reports - Data visualizations

    Base StudentTracker: Free or low annual fee4 Annual fee for Premium Service3

    Student Self-ServiceSM

    Online service where students can print enrollment certifi cates, view deferments, identify their private and FFEL student loan servicers, access our student discounts site, AcademicPerks, and more at no charge.

    • Easy to implement • Integrates seamlessly with your student portal • Reduces student offi ce visits and calls • Provides 24/7 service to students • Good Student Discount and Advance Registration

    certifi cate options available • Connects seamlessly with Transcript Ordering


    Transcript OrderingSM

    Includes the “Next Generation Transcript Experience” ordering solution

    Secure print fulfi llment available via NSC SecurePrintSM

    Fastest online ordering solution on the market (up to 50% faster than other solutions) saves your students and alumni time. Includes easy-to- use online management/reporting tools for your staff . SIS integration available.

    • Ordering solution is built for mobile users, saving time and improving accuracy

    • 24/7 secure electronic delivery available and secure, automated print fulfi llment via NSC SecurePrint℠

    • “Blue ribbon” document authentication • Improved student service, including paperless consent,

    mobile text alerts, and option to include additional documents

    • Revenue-generating opportunities • Customized and branded for your school

    Free to schools (Ordering/delivery and SecurePrint fees typically paid by the requestor)

    Reverse Transfer

    National automated platform for exchanging reverse transfer student data.

    • Enables unlimited course/grade data exchanges with multiple partners

    • Streamlines the transfer of student credits • Improves higher education student outcomes


    Service CostDescription Benefi ts

    1 If you participate in Enrollment Reporting, DegreeVerify and EnrollmentVerify, you are eligible to sign up for free Reverse Transfer. 2 If you participate in DegreeVerify and EnrollmentVerify and refer requestors to the Clearinghouse, you are eligible for free Student Self-Service. 3 Premium Service is available for a single fl at institution-wide annual fee; for pricing, see 4 If, in addition to participating in EnrollmentVerify, you also participate in DegreeVerify or report additional data elements, you will receive

    50 percent off base StudentTracker. If you do both, you will receive base StudentTracker for free.

    Enrollment Reporting

    Automated enrollment verifi cation and deferment reporting on your fi nancial aid students to lending organizations and NSLDS.

    • Eliminates manual verifi cations • Ensures accurate, prompt deferment reporting • Improves service to students and lenders • Increases reporting and recordkeeping effi ciency • Decreases loan delinquency and default rates • Audit assistance from our Audit Resource Center


    DegreeVerifySM Online degree verifi cations for your graduates to employers, background search fi rms, and recruiters.

    • Improves effi ciency and service • Reduces credentials fraud • Flexible reporting options and audit trail • Integrates with enrollment data to provide unifi ed

    view of the student’s academic achievements • Provides income generation opportunities


    EnrollmentVerifySM Online enrollment verifi cations for your students to student service providers using data that you already provide to us.

    • Helps students qualify faster for fi nancial services, housing, jobs, discounts, and more

    • Improves offi ce effi ciency and student service • Reduces fraudulent student status claims


    Electronic Transcript ExchangeSM

    Secure electronic exchange of transcripts between participating high schools, colleges, and other trading partners.

    • Speeds up transcript delivery • Easy to use for senders and receivers • Supports multiple fi le formats • Automatically validates senders/receivers • Meets industry and national security standards


    Clearinghouse Services For Colleges and Universities

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    How Clearinghouse Services Work together

    To learn more or sign up, contact your Regional Director,




    EnrollmentVerifySM uses the same data as our Enrollment Reporting service.

    StudentTracker® is only available to Enrollment Reporting participants.

    Enrollment Reporting EnrollmentVerifySM

    Reverse Transfer Electronic Transcript Exchange & NSC SecurePrintSM

    Student Self-Service

    You can receive free Student Self-Service, if you participate in free Enrollment Reporting, DegreeVerifySM, and EnrollmentVerifySM.

    You can add free Transcript Ordering to Student Self-Service.

    Free course and grade data exchanges with multiple partners via Reverse Transfer.

    Exchange electronic transcripts via our secure exchange system. Add free NSC SecurePrintSM for secure transcript print fulfillment.

    StudentTracker® degree data is only available to DegreeVerifySM participants.

    Transcript Ordering


    ED U

    CA TI

    O N

    AL R

    ES EA

    RC H


    Use DegreeVerify's free G from Degree option to help meet NSLDS graduated status reporting requirements.

    DegreeVerifySM and Enrollment Reporting participants can sign up for free Reverse Transfer.

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