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    Volume-II (Wednesday 18-Thursday 19)

    CLEO /Pacific Rim 2001 The 4th Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics

    Nippon Convention Center Makuhari Messe

    Chiba, Japan 15-19 July, 2001

    Co-Located with lnterOpto2001

    Sponsored by The Japan Society of Applied Physics

    IEICE/Electronics Society lEICE/Commimication Society

    IEEE/Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Optical Society of America

    Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association i / I UB/TIB Hannover 89

    Vr*- . , •' 123 044 367



    Wednesday, July 18

    WAI: High Density Optical Disk [Room A] Chairpersons: Y.P. Park, Yonsei Univ., Korea

    15:00 WA1-1 A Challenge Over 100Gb/in2 Rewritable/Removable MO (Invited) Storage

    A. Itoh, N. Ohta*, T. Uchiyama**, A. Takahashi***, M. Mieda***, N. Iketani***, Y. Uchihara****, M. Nakata****, K. Tezuka**, H. Awano*, S. Imai* and K. Nakagawa, Nihon Univ., *Hitachi Maxell, **Fujitsu, ***Sharp and ****Sanyo Electr., JAPAN II-2

    15:30 WA1-2 Prototyped XY Stages Driving EB Mastering for a High Den- sity Optical Recording S. Hosaka, H. Koyanagi, K. Katoh, F. Isshiki, T. Suzuki, M. Miyamoto, Y. Miyauchi, A. Arimoto and T. Nishida, Hitachi, JAPAN II-4

    15:45 WA1-3 Robust Controller Design for Single-Stage Track-Following System in Magneto-Optical Disk Drives Y. Ikai, I. Watanabe and J. Ichihara, Fujitsu Labs., JAPAN II-6

    16:00 WA1-4 Rate 8/14 Asymmetrical DC Control Code for Optical Disks Y. Katayama, T. Katou, T. Nishiya, H. Yamakawa and S. Taira, Hitachi, JAPAN H-8

    16:15 WA1-5 Effect of Vertical and Lateral Birefringence in Polycarbonate Substrates on Magneto-Optical Signals T. Umezawa, Teijin, JAPAN 11-10

    WB1: Special Sessioir.New Topics for High Density Optical Disk [Room B] Chairpersons: V. Ozguz, Irvine Sensors, U.S.A.

    09:00 WB1-1 Optical Recording R&D in Taiwan (Invited) E.G. Lean, ITRI, TAIWAN 11-12

    09:30 WB1-2 Optical Storage with High-Numerical-Aperture Lenses (Invited) I. Ichimura, Sony, JAPAN 11-14

    10:00 WB1-3 Design and Fabrication of Micro Optical Components for (Invited) Optical Data Storage by Micromolding

    S. Kang and S.-D. Moon, Yonsei Univ., KOREA 11-16 11:00 WB1-4 Near-Field Interactions Appeared between Recording Marks

    (Invited) beyond the Diffraction Limit J. Tominaga, NAIR, JAPAN 11-18

    11:30 WB1-5 Advanced MO Materials and Storage Devices Toward 100 (Invited) Gb/in2

    N. Ohta and H. Awano, Hitachi Maxell, JAPAN II-20

  • WB2: Devices for Transmission Systems [Room B] Chairpersons: F. Tong, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, China

    15:00 WB2-1 High Speed Optical Transponder and Its Applications to (Invited) WDM Systems

    G. Lyu, ETRI, KOREA 11-22 15:30 WB2-2 A Study on Gain Modulation Characteristics of Broadband

    C-Band and L-Band EDFAs K. Imai and N. Edagawa, KDD R&D, JAPAN 11-24

    15:45 VVB2-3 Compact Tunable FBG Filters Using Ni Film Heater and Sur- face Memory Alloy (SMA) Coil Actuator S. Nagaoka, N. Take, Y. Tawa, Y. Ohba and Y. Takahashi, Takuma Natl. College of Technol, JAPAN 11-26

    16:00 WB2-4 Wideband True-Time-Delay Unit Using Discrete-Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Prism Y. Liu, J. Yang and J. Yao, Nanyang Technol. Univ., SINGAPORE 11-28

    16:15 WB2-5 A Dual-Wavelength CW/Mode-Locked Fiber Ring Laser J. Yao and J. Yao, Nanyang Technol. Univ., SINGAPORE.... 11-30

    WC1: Short Wavelength and Widegap Material Lasers [Room C] Chairpersons: G. Hatakoshi, Toshiba, Japan

    09:00 WC1-1 (Invited)

    09:30 WC1-2

    09:45 WC1-3

    10:00 WC1-4

    10:15 WC1-5

    High Performance Blue-Violet AlGalnN Laser Diodes S. Uchida, T. Tojyo, S. Kijima and M. Ikeda, Sony Shiroishi Semicond., JAPAN Blue Light-Emitting Diode Fabrication of an InGaN/GaN Epilayer Bonded on a Si Substrate by Laser Liftoff C.C. Chen, M.C. Hsu, J.R. Hsiao, J.L. Yen, Y.J. Yang, C.H. Lin, L.A. Wang and C.C. Liu*, Natl. Taiwan Univ. and *Epistar, TAIWAN Spontaneous Polarization Effects on the Optical Properties of AlGaN/InGaN/GaN Quantum Wells L.-H. Peng, K.-T. Hsu, C.-W. Shih, C.-C. Chuo* and J.-I. Chyi*, Natl. Taiwan Univ. and *Natl. Central Univ., TAIWAN 680-nm Multi-Element Laser-Diode Array for High-Speed and High-Resolution Laser Printers S. Nakatsuka, J. Sakamoto*, K. Sasaki* and S. Saito*, Hitachi and *Hitachi-Koki, JAPAN Feasibility Study of CdF2/CaF2 Intersubband Transition Lasers M. Watanabe, N. Sakamaki and T. Ishikawa, Tokyo Inst. of Technol., JAPAN






    WC2: Semiconductor Lasers for Lightwave Communications [Room C] Chairpersons: Y. Nakano, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

    11:00 WC2-1 Uncooled InGaAlAs MQW Lasers for Datacom Applica- (Invited) tions Grown by MOVPE

    T. Tsuchiya, Hitachi, JAPAN 11-42

  • 11:30 WC2-2 Distributed Reflector Lasers with Wirelike Active Regions Having Asymmetric Output Property N. Nunoya, M. Morshed, K. Ohira, S. Tamura and S. Arai, Tokyo Inst. of Technol., JAPAN 11-44 High Power 980nm Lasers T. Yamaguchi, Furukawa Electr., JAPAN 11-46 Low-Crosstalk 3.125 Gbps x 4-Channel LD and PD Arrays with Isolated Electrode for Parallel Optical Communications N. Suzuki, K. Shiba, T. Tsukuda and T. Nakamura, NEC, JAPAN H-48

    WC3: Light Sources for DWDM Applications [Room C] Chairpersons: K. Uomi, OpNext Japan, Japan



    WC2-3 (Invited) WC2-4

    15:00 WC3-1 (Invited)

    15:30 WC3-2

    15:45 WC3-3

    16:00 WC3-4

    16:15 WC3-5

    Wavelength-Selectable Microarray Light Sources for WDM Optical Communications K. Kudo, T. Sasaki and M. Yamaguchi, NEC, JAPAN Integrated DWDM Laser Arrays with Stable and High- SMSR Wavelengths I.-F. Jang, S.-L. Lee, C.-Y. Wang*, L.-W. Lai* and W.-J. Ho*, Natl. Taiwan Univ. of Sci.&Technol. and *Chunghwa Telecom, TAIWAN Optical Modulator/DFB Laser Using an lnGaAlAs MQW Structure J. Shimizu, M. Shirai, T. Tsuchiya, A. Taike and S. Tsuji, Hitachi, JAPAN One-Step Rapid Thermal Process for Bandgap Tuned Lasers in GaAs/AIGaAs Structure S.L. Ng, B.S. Ooi*, Y.L. Lam and Y.C. Chan, Nanyang Technol. Univ., SINGAPORE and *Phosistor Technol., USA Fabrication of Multiple-Wavelength Lasers in InGaAs/In- GaAsP Structures Using Direct Laser Writing T.K. Ong, Y.C. Chan and B.S. Ooi, Nanyang Technol. Univ., SINGAPORE






    PI: Poster Session 1 [Room E] 13:00-14:30

    Pl-1 The 200W Power High-Stability KrF Excimer Laser H. Hoshino, Y. Kodama, K. Takahashi, Y. Sugimoto, T. Abe, K. Sajiki and T. Nire, Komatsu, JAPAN

    Pl-2 High Efficient Electric-Discharge ArF and KrF Excimer Lasers with He as a Buffer Gas A.M. Razhev, S.N. Bagayev and A.A. Zhupikov, Inst. of Laser Physics SD RAS, Russia



  • Pl-3 Mode Controllable TEA CO2 Laser with a Couple of Com- pact Profile Electrodes & Non-Raining Discharge and Its Ap- plications D. Zhuang, P. Limsuwan*, G. Yu and X. Zhuang**, Chinese Acad. ofSci., CHINA, *KMUTT, THAILAND and **Shanghai Philips, CHINA 11-64

    Pl-4 Trace-Level Isotope Concentration-Ratio Measurement 12CO2-

    13CO2 Laser System T. Matsushima, J. Kawanabe*, H. Maekawa*, S. Saimi*, T. Sueta** and Y. Cho***, Nara Natl. College of Technol., *Aloka, **Setsunan Univ., ***Okayama Prefect. Univ., JAPAN 11-66

    Pl-5 Study of a High Power CO2 Laser Mode Based on Binary Op- tical Resonator Q. Xu and Y. Sun, J. Ye and S. Li, Huzhong Univ. of Sci.&Technol., CHINA 11-68

    Pl-6 Multi-Frequency Pulsations in Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers J.M. Soto-Crespo, N. Akhmediev* and G. Town**, C.S.I.C, SPAIN, *Australian Natl. Univ. and **Univ. of Sydney, AUSTRALIA 11-70

    Pl-7 Coexistence of a Multiplicity of Stable and Unstable Solitons in Fiber Lasers N. Akhmediev, J.M. Soto-Crespo* and K.S. Chiang**, Aus- tralian Natl. Univ., AUSTRALIA, *C.S.I.C, SPAIN and **City Univ. of Hong Kong, CHINA 11-72

    Pl-8 Dumping Out a Single Qualified Q-Switch Pulse from a Self- Injected Solid Laser and its Application on Non-Linear Optics D. Zhuang, P. Limsuwan*, G. Yu and X. Zhuang**, Chinese Acad. ofSci., CHINA, *KMUTT, THAILAND and **Shanghai Philips, CHINA 11-74

    Pl-9 Use of Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter as a Unidirectional Ele- ment for a Ring Laser Y. Wang, N. Saito and H. Tashiro, RIKEN, JAPAN 11-76

    Pl-10 Regenerative Amplifier with Variable Pulse Width Y. Leng, H. Lu, L. Lin, W. Zhang and Z. Xu, Chinese Acad. ofSci., CHINA 11-78

    Pl-11 Ab-Initio Analysis for Optical Absorption Spectra of Ce3+-Doped Solid-State Laser Crystals T. Ishii, T. Tohei, K. Fujimura, K. Ogasawara and H. Adachi, Kyoto Univ., JAPAN 11-80

    Pl-12 SCH Doping Effects in a 1.55um InGaAsP/InGaAsP MQW Electro-Absorption Modulator J. Shim, Y. Eo and D. Jang*, Hanyang Univ. and *Samsung Electr., KOREA 11-82

    Pl-13 Low Quantum Noise Laser Diodes Using High-Finesse-Cavi- ties K.A. Shore and D.M. Kane*, Univ. of Wales, UK and *Mac- quarie Univ., AUSTRALIA 11-84

  • Pl-14 High Power l.SSum Integrated Superluminescent Light Source G. Du, Y. Liu, Y. Zeng, J. Song and Y. Zhi, Jilin Univ., CHINA H-86

    Pl-15 Three-Section laser Diode with magnetically-Controlled Bistability W. Zaets and K. Ando, ETL, JAPAN 11-88

    Pl-16 Chirped Amplification of Picosecond Gain-Switched Laser Pulse by Using Traveling-Wave Semiconductor Optical Am- plifier G.-R. Lin, S.-K. Lee and K.-H. Lin*, Tatung Univ. and *Chung-Hwa Telecom Labs., TAIWAN 11-90

    Pl-17 Backward-Pumping WDM Fiber Laser Sources Using Gain Fibers of Various Lengths as Self-Equalizers S.-K. Liaw and S.-C. Liu, Natl. Taiwan Univ. of Sci.&Technol., TAIW