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  1. 1. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: CLEVER TOGETHER Client nameSectorTimeframeBudget Clever TogetherCrowdsourcingApril 2013 - Present5,000 per month
  2. 2. 2Credentials| Journalista 2015| CASE STUDY: CLEVER TOGETHER Results 6m+people reached through coverage 10:1New business ROI within year one directly attributed to spend on PR 5Top note speaking opportunities directly attributed to PR: FT / HSJIn March 2013 Journalista won a competitive pitch to raise awareness of crowd sourcing platform Clever Together. Our objectives were to: Engage and create a platform for powerful third party advocacy of the benets of Clever Together. Provide detailed insight into the benets of the Clever Together platform to commissioners, employees, patient groups and health policy makers and inuencers. Establish Clever Togethers CEO Dr Pete Thomond in a condent thought leadership position as an expert on disruptive innovation. Work in partnership with the HSJ on a crowdsourcing project. Strategy: Thought leadership Challenge Grow the platform to hero the real people that are making the changes in their organisations. Leverage advocacy to create engagement opportunities between Clever Together and B2B. Take a surround sound approach: establish media and key advocate relationships, develop authority and recognition within media and build a reputation for driving innovation within the health sector. Develop a unique oering to inuencers by providing high-value stories, insight, data and expert commentary. Make use of Clever Togethers crunchy data and trends on how people interact with their platform. Create case studies of trusts who have used Clever Together. Creative Insight
  3. 3. 3Credentials| Journalista 2015| OUTPUTS: PRINT COVERAGE
  4. 4. 4Credentials| Journalista 2015| OUTPUTS: ONLINE COVERAGE
  5. 5. 5Credentials| Journalista 2015| 01 Reached over 6 million people with coverage across many platforms including the Guardian and Financial Times. 02 Over 9 brand new business approaches that quoted PR content as reason for getting in-touch from Monitor, NHS Improving Quality, HSJ, NHS England, Leeds Hospital Trust, Peninnine Way, and several other trusts. 03 Listed as Top-50 Innovator by HSJ in addition to two front page campaigns led by HSJ using Clever Together platform and paid for partnership with NHS IQ. 04 Two HSJ awards won in partnership with clients for innovation and eciency saving. 05 Speaker at HSJ Summit, Financial Times Innovators and Monitor. JOURNALISTAS IN-DEPTH CONNECTIONS WITH HEALTHCARE ARE SECOND TO NONE. THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE EXECUTIVE EDITOR OF HSJ GAVE US THE INITIAL OPPORTUNITY TO DEMONSTRATE WHAT WE DO AND ENGAGE THE AUDIENCES WE WANTED TO TARGET. THEY DEMONSTRATED REAL CREATIVITY OPENESS AND TEAM WORKING. WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO RECOMMEND THEM. Dr Peter Thomond, Managing Partner, Clever Together OUTCOMES