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1. University Level 1 2. Agenda What does Clever do? What is the Clever Dashboard? How does Clever protect student information? How does Clever support schools and partners? 3. What does Clever do? Clever standardizes data from SISs and facilitates secure sharing with applications. Data moves through a consistent process: 1 Data extracted from SIS 2 Data processed and stored in Clever 3 Data pulled by application partners 1 2 3 [data] [data] For more information visit Clever Help Center: About Clever 4. Student Information Systems For more information visit Clever Help Center: Clever SIS syncs Store demographic, schedule, attendance, and assessment data Managed at the district level Student Information Systems (SIS) Basics Clever is compatible with all SIS 5. What does Clever do? Two SIS sync methods For more information visit Clever Help Center: About Clever Auto (Pull) SFTP (Push) Automatic exports data from SIS using read-only admin account Districts dont transfer data files; Clever pulls authorized data Requires district-level admin access and minimal IT support Limited customization possible in exported fields Secure data transfers District performs CSV export and uploads pushes files to Clever Not necessary to provide Clever access to the SIS Requires district-level IT admin with decent technical fluency Greater potential to customize exported fields Secure data transfers 6. What is the Clever Dashboard? Partners can view and manage their data in the Dashboard 1 1 2 District overview Data Browser 2 7. District details are accessible from the dashboard Click district name to view: Sync status Contact Info OAuth Token 1 8. Partners can browse data and data warnings for each district Browse this districts data 1 View this districts data warnings Browse this districts data FULLY OPERATIONAL PENDING ERROR 9. Partners can browse all data they have access to in Clever Can filter and browse by: school teacher section student 2 10. How does Clever protect student information? For more information visit the security page of our website. Clever is fully committed to student data privacy Districts have full control over their data, what they send to Clever and how to share their data Clever only syncs standard rostering data (no grades, attendance, health records, etc.) Clever will never use or sell student information for marketing or other purposes Clever is 100% FERPA compliant Student data privacy best practices Dont send passwords or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) over email Discourage district use of Social Security Numbers 11. Clevers School Experience Team is committed to district and partner success *Business hours. For escalation CC Clever Account Manager. Carrie AbendCristin Quealy Ticket Priority Description 1st Response* Urgent Clever system outage; API not functioning - users unable to log in, partners unable to pull data from API Acknowledged immediately High Individual school sync not functioning or not visible to partner app SFTP file upload issues, errors 4 hours Normal Missing or incorrect data preventing use of partner app Custom field mappings 4 hours Low Non-blocking issue 24 hours Hours: 7am 5pm Pacific, Mon-Fri Maya Sussman Amelie Zeng Megan Keir Help Center: Email: Phone: (800) 521-6516 For real-time Clever performance, subscribe to Clever Status Page 12. Best Practices for a Great Support Experience Leverage the Dashboard Theres a lot you can learn from your Clever Dashboard! Explore the data being shared with you, as well as district sync status Collaborate Early and Often Bring us in early, and lets work together! We often see issues and ask questions related to Clever that partners might not. Were here to help, so please dont hesitate to ask. Visit the Help Center! 24/7 access to the most common FAQs! 13. University Questions? (800) 521-6516