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Cupcake Company is a small company with massive ideas and products situated in Magherafelt, Co. Derry. We at Cupcake Company offer a range of different types of cupcakes for all those different occasions you have. All cupcakes are homemade using only the best and finest quality ingredients we can find to give our cupcakes that one of a kind special taste that makes them so unique to us. Cupcake company was set up in 2003 and since then has become an extremely popular choice for the local town and also to neighbouring towns attracting a wide audience. Cupcake Company has become a major success since opening with all its regular customers and demand for their homemade delights. I, Cara Henry, took over the company from my mother in 2005. Since then, Cupcake Company has almost tripled in size, moving from where the baking first started of in the heart of my mothers kitchen to a new premises almost triple the size. Our businesses at Cupcake Company have increased rapidly and its popularity has definitely boosted. Cupcake Company employs a range of different staff. Our to Fabulous bakers include two bakers, Jack O’Neill and Liam Brown and our wonderful two sales assistants are Eilish Kelly and Aoife Doyle.

Cupcake Company started of as a small business, it’s local customer base was its main customers, the citizens living in Magherafelt. However, because of it’s high reputation and especially its special cupcakes, its gets people from as far as 20 miles away stopping in to buy cupcakes and more from them.

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Cupcake Company22 Tirgan Road


Cupcake [email protected]

Mobile: 07597845823Telephone: 02886759447