clienter progress presentation

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ClientER Progress Presentation Omar Jamal Stéphane Lee Marcel Sauvé

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ClientER Progress Presentation. Omar Jamal Stéphane Lee Marcel Sauvé. Client Description. Company CEO’s named Alexandra Russell and France Landry French tutoring and camp services They need a way to manage their client data! Program Description. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


ClientER Progress Presentation

ClientER Progress PresentationOmar JamalStphane LeeMarcel Sauv

Client DescriptionCompany CEOs named Alexandra Russell and France LandryFrench tutoring and camp servicesThey need a way to manage their client data!

2Program DescriptionCompany needs a program, we need to program!

Therefore, we create an application named ClientER

Client database for services and income Designed specifically for FrenchSolutions Helps company convenience and efficiency

Program FeaturesThe database will include several features:1. Mass mailing services2. Tax return print table3. Encryption for security4. Compression for storage5. Network updating for easy access6. All basic database table options View, add, delete, edit, print, search, saveTask DivisionOur company is formed of three individuals:

Marcel Network, compression and encryptionOmar GUI pages; login screen, registration, and emergency dataStphane Database GUI and functions, and company relations

Lets begin on what weve accomplishedLogin Page GUIContains hashing for password securityOnly one main account, as requested by FrenchSolutionsLogo design

Menu GUIIncludes quick access optionsAdds to database memory, which is already loaded into Vector of Vectors from main file

Database GUI

Database GUI (cont)Add and removes columnsEdits data and saves it to fileFilter for quick easy searchSorting, which can be used for mass mailingColumn order does not affect dataAllows backupEncryption and NetworkEncryption used on database filesServer application manages database updatesAllows for communication between server application and client (useful for multiple registrations)Past Problems and Solutions - OmarProblem #1: The login name and password was stored as regular strings, which is unsafe.Solution #1: SHA method is used.

Problem #2: Adding a new client by taking from JTextFields directly is inefficient.Solution #2: Made a new class Client to hold all information of each individual client.

Past Problems and Solutions - StphaneProblem #1: The database would not load properly from file.Solution #1: A program called XVII was used to debug the file. RandomAccessFile class was used to read and write.

Problem #2: The table was difficult to make by using a series of JTextFields.Solution #2: The Jtable class was used.Past Problems and Solutions - MarcelProblem #1: Custom encryption is easily breakable.Solution #1: Use Java Crypto classes.

Problem #2: Multi-Threading caused massive computer breakdowns.Solution #2: Do not use multi-threadsCurrent ProblemsNetwork issues with server connection (Java crashing)Mass mailing is difficult to implement using email serverCamp registrations based on date should be implemented

To dosConnecting all ClientER work togetherEmergency contact paneFinancial database linked to clients, and printingComplete file updating on the networkFixing all bugsClient documentation/paperworkAdding all of their clients to the databaseDemosWe will now demo the program ClientER.

1. The login and menu pages2. The database functions3. The network abilities