clients are talking - are you listening? social selling for real estate

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In this presentation to real estate agents at RE BarCamp Toronto, we described how social selling could increase their leads and transactions. Through tools like Nimble, Leadsift agents can search for signals in their potential clients that they might require their services. With Facebook, page owners are finding less than 3% of their content even has a chance being seen in News Feeds. Since organic visibility is down, ads are becoming the dominant way that brands can get their content in front of users.


  • Clients are Talking - Are You Listening? Using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for Success
  • Welcome Youre in the right place if: Youve thought about social but are not sure if you should spend the time working on your social platforms You have put in some time into social but found it very time consuming, and havent seen the results you have been lead to believe You dont really have a system and are doing things on an ad hoc basis
  • Andrew 20 years in internet, e-commerce, wireless, and social media sales and marketing Been on Linkedin since 2004 (one of the first 200K members) Led social media strategy for small and large enterprises including RBC Jeffrey On social since 2003 (one of the first 35k on LinkedIn) Presented to small to large businesses on social including Unilever and Tech Startups Involved in interactive media for the past 16 years About us
  • Social Signals
  • Conversation Triggers
  • Mine LinkedIn Updates For Insights
  • House Shopping
  • Works for Travel or even House Shopping Your competitors are responding to these requests!
  • Content
  • CONTENT Existing and format Gaps and how to ll them Repurposed for dierent channels Calendar
  • 2001 Founded River Pools 2008 Economic downturn 2009 Started a blog with content to answer customer questions 2010 Installed 600+ pools Today More trac than any other pool company site in the world Content that educates. Lead with value. Be helpful. They Ask, You Answer
  • Social Intelligence
  • Nimble - a tool for social intelligence
  • Hey, You Guys! Look! Nimble merges LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Ads Facebook Ads
  • Organic visibility is down. Page owners finding less than 3% of their content even has a chance being seen in News Feeds. Facebook ads are the solution to brands plummeting organic reach numbers. As Facebooks number of users continues to grow, marketers wanting to maximize the reach of their content must be prepared to implement a paid distribution strategy.- Business2Community Facebook- Now have to pay to get content seen
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Recent Campaign
  • Takeaways - It is complicated, but you are not alone Many resources out there to start really engaging with your clients and prospects on social You can start by listening to the social signals on many platforms Then use tools to proactively unearth more prospects Finally you can start ad campaigns using Facebook and others to reach your ideal prospects
  • Thank you!
  • Start with Johns Profile & see the connection
  • What else can you learn about him? We know he definitely loves golf because hes talking to a golf pro
  • Who are your super connectors? Make it easy for them to refer you

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