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Temperature - SummerDESERT : Average high temperatures in summer are generally over 40C (104F) at low elevations, and can even rise up to 48C (114.8F) at extremely low elevations (lower than sea level), especially along the Persian Gulf near the sea level. Average low temperatures in summer remain high, over 20C (68F) and sometimes over 30C (77F) in the southern most regions. Record high temperatures are above 50C (122F) in much of the desert, due in part to very low elevation.

Temperature - Summer Mountain: The temperature on mountains becomes colder than the desert areas. Mountains tend to have much wetter climates than the surrounding flat land.

Taurus MountainsAtlas Mountains

Temperature - WinterCoastal Regions: In winter the temperature becomes moderate in coastal regions while it drops in desert areas especially at night.

WindsVarious winds blow in the Arab World. They are:Cold North WindsWest to North-west Winds South-east WindsSouth-west Winds Local winds, Khamaseen in Egypt and Sumoom in Arabian Peninsula.

RainfallRain falls all the year round in some of the southern parts of Arab World like Somalia.In summer rain falls in Central Sudan and the Mountains of Aseer in Yemen.Rain falls in winter in most countries of the Arab World.Desert regions are dry and occasional isolated showers fall in some places.