cloud and the k-12 community. 2 cloud? what is the cloud? xaas: software - saas platform - paas...

Download Cloud and the K-12 Community. 2 Cloud? What is the Cloud? XaaS: Software - SaaS Platform - PaaS Infrastructure - IaaS

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Cloud and the K-12 Community12Cloud?What is the Cloud?


Software - SaaSPlatform - PaaS Infrastructure - IaaS

23I Hate the Cloud!Cloud offers less control

Perceived security/privacy gaps

I Like to Build Things

Cloud threatens headcount

Multi vendor expensive, hard to manage

3It is not all or nothingIt is not one size fits allImplementation should remain flexible and agile 4Intelligent Adoption of the Cloud

5Hybrid Solutions Drive InnovationInnovationMonitoring andMaintenanceDeploymentPre-SystemsDeploymentAdmin and maintenance activities 77%InnovationMonitoring andMaintenanceDeploymentPre-SystemsDeploymentAdmin and maintenance activities 50%56Cloud Services - ConsiderationsFootprintSecurityPerformancePhysicalLogicalPast IssuesIDSIPSNetworkHardwareOptimizationDatacenters - Where are They?Can You Decide?Datacenter TourWhere Should They Be?

67Cloud Services - ConsiderationsRecoveryComplianceSLAsSLAs to the School?UptimePowerNetworkPlatforms

What is Your Plan?RTO/RPOBCMission Critical DataHIPAASSAE SOC 2FERPA

FERPA =The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 78Cloud Services - ConsiderationsPriceHigh AvailabilitySupportPrice WarHidden CostsBillingLess expensive as adoption increasesOnlineTicketsPhone SupportCostsLoad BalancingRedundancy In Place?Is it Critical?

89Cloud Infrastructure ServicesThe K-12 mandate is the education and preparation of students to contribute to the modern world, while conforming to a tight budget. Todays K-12 is driven by IT; through its ability to deliver curricula, experience, and administrative services.

910Privacy and Cloud Computing in K-12Fordham University StudyThe key findings from the analysis are:

95% of districts rely on cloud services for a diverse range of functions including datamining related to student performance, support for classroom activities, student guidance, data hosting, as well as special services such as cafeteria payments and transportation planning.

Cloud services are poorly understood, non-transparent, and weakly governed: only25% of districts inform parents of their use of cloud services, 20% of districts fail to havepolicies governing the use of online services, and a sizeable plurality of districts haverampant gaps in their contract documentation, including missing privacy policies.

Districts frequently surrender control of student information when using cloudservices: fewer than 25% of the agreements specify the purpose for disclosures ofstudent information, fewer than 7% of the contracts restrict the sale or marketing ofstudent information by vendors, and many agreements allow vendors to change the terms.11Student Information Privacy RecommendationsFordham University Study / December 2013

Contractual language on data breach and how breaches are dealt with by vendor

Vet vendors and users to ensure district policies are met

Establish a CSO for larger districts

Provide transparency on cloud usage

FERPA Guidelines


12Learning to Love the Cloud!Control what is important in your environment

Comply with Security/Privacy requirements

Enable users to excel

Architect before carpenter

Grow core competency

PaaS options can provide elegant, affordable solutions

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