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1. Blog: CLOUD BASED BI TOOLS THE FUTURE OF THE INDUSTRY There are many reasons put forward to support the case for cloud business intelligence and there are many reasons to not consider them. But looking at the current market scenario, only one conclusion stands these systems are here to stay. According to a recent study, there is a strong investment and interest in the market in the idea of tapping into cloud based resources for BI solutions. As much as 27% respondents are currently using or are planning to use cloud based BI solutions in their organisations to expand their business model. These statistics strongly suggest that cloud based BI implementation is on an upswing among organizations. People do cite certain concerns here, most of which are rooted in data integration, visualization and security issues, but the development of these services and better and more affordable solutions is making cloud BI a more popular choice. Companies often feel business intelligence to be an unnecessary financial burden, especially when they look at the long term operational expenses associated with installing these products/hardware on premises. But cloud based systems can eliminate the need to maintain an entire IT department to facilitate these business needs. You have the industry knowledge, technical expertise and dedicated support of the service agency at your disposal to help manage any of your requirements. Many small and medium scale organisations who have adopted the cloud based business intelligence model have managed to achieve their goals and develop their enterprises much sooner. There are many ways in which these services can help you in taking your enterprise to the top of its market niche. You just need to make this shift once!