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Introducing Cloudyn's new and holistic approach to Cloud business insights, including a new "Cloud Resource Allocation" capability enabling transparency and ability to attribute cloud consumption to specific users, effortlessly.


  • 1. Cloud Business Insight Product launch, June 25th Briefing Presentation Cloudyns sizing and pricing recommendations enable us to use the cloud in the most cost- effective way possible. Prakash Janakiraman, VP Engineering **EMBARGOED UNTIL 25-JUNE-13**

2. SaaS-based, non-intrusive Cloud analytics & predictive insights Unique sizing, location & pricing optimization Actionable recommendations Company profile Cloudyn is the leading cloud monitoring and optimization solution for AWS 3. Massive growth and penetration Over 1000 customers including many F-500 companies Average $150K cloud spend per client Revenues tripled quarterly for last three quarters Instances analyzed: 2,500,000 + With billions of storage objects and thousands of databases monitored. 4. Challenge Business leaders have limited visibility into how their cloud usage and cost align with actual business activities. Are your apps utilizing resources efficiently? Where can your business units cut cost? How do you gauge end-user consumption? 5. The solution Introducing Cloudyns new and holistic approach to Including a new cloud resource allocation capability enabling transparency and ability to attribute cloud consumption to specific users, effortlessly. Cloud Business Insights 6. Use case: Distributed organization uses AWS as shared resources environment The CFO uncovers an increase in resource consumption and cost She wants to understand the main cost drivers per business unit activity Organizational accountability Which business unit left the lights on? 7. Organizational accountability Sales - DoD Underutilized EC2: 7% Storage : 32Gb, $12K EC2 S3 Development: RDS Instances: 120 EC2 Reserved: 34% Savings: 12% EC2 RDS EMR EC2 RDS S3 June Marketing Campaign EC2 EMR RDS S3 Cloudyns solution: Associates cloud cost with individual business units or projects Creates accountability by allocating consumption down to specific users Allows sharing of unused resources among business units for recycling Empowers the CFO to make smart cloud investment decisions 8. Getting it done with Cloudyn 9. Use case: A biotech company is running massive map-reduce jobs Huge chunks of data are parceled out to thousands of EC2 instances Resource sizes need to be properly selected to avoid usage inefficiencies Application efficiency Identify and resolve application inefficiencies. 10. Application efficiency COST PERFORMANCE & UTILIZATION EMR EC2 RD S S3 EMR Job: 00134 Utilization: 87.% CPU, 12.6% Memory Cost: $320,000 Life cycle length: 1.2h Used by: Dev (NA), Dev (EU) Cloudyns solution: Assesses each jobs efficiency based on aggregated performance metrics Identifies specific resources that are under/over utilized Facilitates the selection of best-fitting resources for each job type 11. Use case: PaaS company uses AWS to service their customers The business owner sees an imbalance in customer value versus cost To maintain profitability he must analyze his margins at the customer level Profitability Determine the most costly users. 12. Profitability SaaS Provider EM R EC2 RDS S3 Customer Segment Analysis Performance : 78% Cost: $320 Capacity: 1.7% / 100% Cloudyns solution: Breaks-down cloud consumption by tagged user activity Allows business owner to determine the actual cost per user Enables pricing adjustments and/or fine-tuning of utilization for increased ROI 13. Pricing Free $0 Unlimited time and spend Enterprise Starting $49 / Month Tiered based on cloud consumption Basic cloud analytics Cloud analytics, proactive alerts, sizing and pricing optimization, business insight


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