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Create your online shop now and use an integrated ecommerce platform that offers you all the necessary functionality for building a successful online business. The comprehensive and customizable features of the system are what make our shopping cart, a powerful solution. We provide a highly reliable platform that helps our customers to increase their revenue by taking their business online.


  • 1. C3 Shopping Cart

2. Introduction to C3 C3 is a shopping cart and e-commerce platform to take your business online . C3 provides the following key features Products Catalogue & Management Shopping Cart & Order Management Online Payments Users Management Social Media Integration Customizable Themes & Widgets 2 Confidential 3. Products Catalogue & Management 3 Confidential Allows administrators to Add, Delete or Modify Products Information Name of the product Product Graphics Product Brand, Model Number Product Price Product Features & Specification Allows customers to review products Search products from the online catalogue Bulk import & export options 4. Shopping Cart & Order Management 4 Confidential Allows customers to purchase one or more products online Add/Delete items from the Shopping Cart Include one or more quantities of items in the Shopping Cart Integration with Payment Gateway Services Email generated to administrator & customer upon completion of the transaction Maintaining history of past orders 5. Online Payments 5 Confidential Provides option to integrate with popular Payment Gateway Services Support for Visa/MasterCard Support for Paypal Payments Administrator can track the total payments received online for product purchases 6. Social Media Integration 6 Confidential Integration with popular Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Option for users to Like or Share Products & Product information Enables viral marketing & promotion of products to several 100s and 1000s of users 7. Home Page Widgets Widgets for Home Page Featured Products Newly Added Products Popular Products Recently Sold Products Recently Viewed Products Confidential 7 8. Customizable Themes Customizable layout, skins & color choices Intuitive design for ease of navigation Options to uniquely establish your brand by matching the theme of the website to your brand Confidential 8 9. Web Technologies Confidential 9 10. Benefits of C3 Comprehensive features to improve sales online Customizable themes & Widgets Ease of use for customers Robust Administrative Interface Secure & Reliable platform Take your business online in just a day 10 Confidential 11.