cloud computing: a new opportunity for people with disabilities

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Cloud Computing: A New Opportunity for People with Disabilities. Clayton Lewis, NIDRR Consultant Coleman Institute March 13, 2012. What is cloud computing?. future. past. Advantages. Very low cost for services we already have Much easier to develop and deploy new services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Cloud Computing:A New Opportunity for People with Disabilities

    Clayton Lewis, NIDRR ConsultantColeman InstituteMarch 13, 2012

  • What is cloud computing?pastfuture

  • AdvantagesVery low cost for services we already haveMuch easier to develop and deploy new services

    A new world of useful services, at very low cost, available everywhere to everyone

  • Why Is Cloud Computing Important for People with Disabilities?Cloud technology can be used to make access to information and services much easier for people with disabilities.User profiles in the cloud can allow computers to automatically personalize themselves to meet the needs of individual users

  • GPIIGlobal Public Inclusive Infrastructure initiativeGPII.orgLed by Gregg Vanderheiden (U Wisconsin), with NIDRR supportInternational effort to improve the user experience for computer users with disabilities and promote the development of more and better access technology.

  • How it WorksUser profile in the cloudEnhanced browser accesses user profilecustomizes presentation of Web page to meet users individual needs

  • How it WorksUser profile in the cloudMatchmaker program helps user identify content and applications that can be configured to meet their needs

  • Application ScenariosAutomatic setup of public computer in library or shared computer at homeIn school, children get the presentations they need and they can access them at home, tooAutomatic setup of workplace accommodations

    More in vision video at

  • Support for Software ProvidersGPII infrastructure enhancements aim toSimplify the development of accessible applicationsSupport online delivery of tools and servicespersonalization for accesssubscriber authenticationNew and better services will result

  • GPII StatusCloud4All$11M European Commission project to implement key aspects of GPIILaunched Nov 2, 2011Additional amounts in international matchesNIDRR committed to the development of this potential in the USA

  • NIDRRs Cloud InitiativePilot implementations in partnership with other agenciesHealth care, education, votingDevelopment work to complement international effortsCooperation on strategic research

  • A Word of Cautioncloud technology will not solve all of our problemsthere is a risk of exaggerated expectations and mistaken resource allocationsparallel: technology in the schoolssuccess with technology requires investment in people and their skillswe need to grasp the opportunities of the cloud, but with a sober sense of reality!

  • DiscussionQuestions or comments?

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  • The Cloud OpportunityUse the capabilities of the cloudto make it easier for people with disabilities to access the programs and services available in the cloud, andto make it easier for service developers to provide access for users with disabilities


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