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Cloud Computing and Big Data

Cloud Computing and Big Data

Outline Cloud computing definitionCloud computing service modelCloud computing service provider in IndonesiaCloud computing fee structureCharacteristic of Big DataUnstructured, structured and semi-structuredBenefit of big DataResistance of using Big Data

Definition of Cloud ComputingDescribe about what happens when applications and services are move into internet. Refers to the many types of services and applications being delivered Allows for the sharing and scalable deployment of services, as neededCloud Computing Service ModelSoftware as a Service (SaaS)Platform as a Service(PaaS)Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

SaaSCustomer purchases the service that is hosted in the cloud. Provider will take care of all software development, maintenance upgrades. Provider provides support and maintains the data center. Implemented in accounting, collaboration, CRM, field service, ERP, HRMExample : GoToMeeting , Taleo's Talent Management , Salesforce, WorkdayPaaSCustomers purchase the access to the platform, enabling them to deploy their own software and applications in the cloudExample : Microsoft Window Azure , Salesforce, Engine Yard , AWS Elastic Beanstalk IaaSThe consumers are provided with the physical infrastructure, such as server, storage, networkThe examples of IaaS are Amazon Rackspace, TATA Comm.NetmagicCloud computing provider in IndonesiaPT Telekom Indonesia (Telkom) Offers SaaS E-OfficeXL Axiata Offers the X-Cloud serviceIndosat Offers enterprise-class public cloud service Fee StructurePeriodic charging Based on the number of users and an overall or per-user storage limit. This fee may be payable monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Usage-based charging Charges are paid according to the amount of usage of the service by the customer

Definition of Big DataTerm used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data,both structured and unstructuredCharacteristic of Big DataVolumeThe number of data volumeTransaction-based data stored through the yearsVelocityData is streaming in at unprecedented speed and must be dealt with in a timely mannerVarietyData comes in all types of formats. Structured, numeric data in traditional databases. Unstructured DataExample : Satellite images, Scientific data, Photographs and video, Social media dataStructured DataExample: Web log data, Point-of-sale data, Stock-trading, Financial data: Semi-Structured dataExample : Web pages follow certain typical forms, Traffic signs posted along highwaysHow big data give benefitData -> analysis -> right decision making -> competitive advantage

Reasons why refuse to use cloud computingPossible downtimeSecurity issuesDependency and vendor lock-in

Calculate Big Data ValueAssessed through :Performance managementData explorationSocial AnalyticsDecision Science


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