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This is an updated talk on Cloud Computing and the Citrix Cloud Center.From time to time the Citrix CTO Office is asked to give presentations at these and other events. I'm interested in any/all feedback from the Citrix and Cloud communities.


  • 1.Cloud computing and Citrix C3 Last update 28 July 2009 Feedback welcome -- Michael IT in the CloudsDr Michael HarriesCitrix Labs

2. The term cloud computing hasbeen much hyped in recent past. Just hot air? 3. Indeed everyone seems to mean something different whenthey talk cloud. 4. For one, cloud has long been the graphic used for anynetwork connecting twocomputers. 5. Computer scientists would see it asthe culmination of a long line of contributing technologies. 5 6. Others, like Nicholas Carr, have a utopian, user oriented view of cloud computing.Cheap, utility-supplied computing will ultimately change society as profoundlyas cheap electricity did 7. Some vendors, like SalesForce, argue that cloud is the whole future of IT. Cloud is web based SaaS + web based, hosted dev platform 8. Others, like Google, define cloud as just what they do. Google IS the cloud 9. For the end user, cloud issynonymous with nice web Cloud is ease of use applicationIts every cool web page Its Google mail Its SaaS Its EASY 10. For Enterprise IT, cloud promises to make IT easy Cloud is flexibility of resources, available on demand Cloud is dynamically scalable Cloud is automated Cloud is IT nirvana! 11. But its just not that simple Cloud is insecure Loss of IT control Limited SLAs A Threat 12. So why so many disparate views?Cloud computing is an ideamade to stick1. Simple 2. Unexpected 3. Concrete 4. Credible 5. Emotional 6. Stories 13. One of the reasons cloud is sopopular is that enterprise IT sees thesenumbers from cloud providers asextremely attractive. Storage Servers Network Apps 1 image x 1M users $0.15/GB/mo 1 admin/20,000 $10/megabitx 4 upgrades/yr vs.vs. vs. vs. 230 apps x 5 versions $3.75/GB/mo1 admin/100 $500/megabitx many upgrades 14. But they are misleading for theenterprise as they result from massive standardization at the core of each vendors business model.Standardisation 15. Here are some commonly agreed cloud categories.Only IaaS requires System Virtualization. Cloud Software as a InfrastructureService as a Service Platform as aService 16. Lets start by talking about Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS. IaaS Infrastructure as a Service 17. Amazon has been a pioneer of IaaS with their Elastic ComputeCloud and Simple Storage Service.The Amazon cloud has enabled a new wave of innovation. Elastic Compute Cloud from $0.10 per VM hour Simple Storage Service $0.15 per gig stored $0.17 per gig transfered 18. For example, SmugMug have been able to scale tremendously without any of their own infrastructurethrough using Amazon Servers and 30 employees. More thanStorage.300,000 paying customers.288,000,000 photos.NO INFRASTRUCTURE 19. And burst computing by theNew York Times in convertinghistorical images for use on a retrospective web site. New York Times 4TB of TIFFs To 1.5TB of PDFs 100 EC2 Xen VMs 20. These capabilities are enabled by system virtualization and, in most cases, by the Xen Hypervisor which is at the heart of Citrix XenServer as well as at the heart of most public clouds.Xen Citrix, Intel, AMD, IBM, HP, Fujitsu, Unisys, SGI, Samsung, Sun, VASystems, Red Hat, Novell, VALinux, DoD, NSA (42 orgs) + XenServer + 100% compatiblewith Hyper-V 21. Sounds good so far? IaaS is more complex than it mayappear. IaaS cloud vendors mean many different things bycloud. 22. Some emphasize base level virtualization virtual servers, virtual storage, and virtual networks. 23. Others emphasize resource management, multi-tenancy (in all its forms), usage monitoring, and optimizing across the farm. 24. Still others are mainly aboutapplication management, which components work where, and how they need to interact. 25. And some are mainly about providing access andautomation in the cloud. 26. The key promise of IaaS is to bring improved operational efficiency from virtual server agility. While much of the rhetoric focuses on off-premise cloud, on-premise (or private)cloud offers immediate benefits to enterprise IT. Operational efficiencyOff-premiseOn-Premise 27. What else? 28. Software as a Service or SaaSalso brings important cloud ideas for the enterprise.SaaS Software as a Service 29. Citrix is the fifth largest external SaaS vendor globally with the Citrix Software as a Service offerings. 30. There are enormous benefitsfrom treating all enterprise applications as SaaS asApplication Delivery applications to be delivered toend users on demand.= Enterprise SaaS SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 Abstract connection High-fidelity experience Common security modeletcetc 31. Citrix has long been about turningWhere Does Citrix Fit?Enterprise applications into a service. In a very real sense,Citrix Delivery Center bringing delivery abstraction to every application. Delivering Enterprise IT as a Service XenDesktop XenApp NetScaler XenServer Users Apps 32. From a TCO and ROI perspective this approach brings formidable benefits.IT operational HW & SW Worker IT staffcostscosts downtimeproductivity29% reduction40%reduction88%reduction78%increaseSource: Gartner, IDC, Citrix and Wyse Estimates 33. However the long termeffects are potentially moreimportant. Using anapplication delivery mediator between yourAgile Infrastructureenterprise architecture andapplication architecture Creates a change friendly organizationmakes the organization change friendly by reducing inertia. Enterprise Application ArchitectureArchitecture 34. Citrix Cloud Center addresses both SaaS and IaaS. Citrix Cloud CenterC3(SaaS + IaaS) 35. C3 is exactly the same technology that Citrix sells for the Enterprise,but with a pricing model thats more appropriate for the cloud. Citrix Delivery Center [but for the cloud] 36. Heres a simple schematic showing how it might deployed for cloud use (inside or outside the datacenter) NetScalerWorkflow StudioRepeater XenApp XenDesktopcloud bridge XenServerUsersDatacenter 37. Recent additions to C3 include:A virtual appliance version ofour celebrated NetScalerappliance. 38. 75% of Internet Users Each Day The physical NetScaler appliance isheavily used by internet companies globally to optimize their webapplications to the extent that 75% of all internet users touch the technology daily. 39. Recent additions to C3 include: A virtual switch (announced but not yet released) Company ACompany C Company B 40. Recent additions to C3 include: XenApp and XenDesktop, as were recognized that application delivery is an important cloud task. All ofthese contribute to the broaderpicture.NetScalerWorkflow StudioRepeater XenApp XenDesktopcloud bridge XenServerUsersDatacenter 41. Heres one way to think about C3 Reference ArchitectureIaaS cloud computing. Customer / Consumer / VM Transactions Application App Management cloud bridgeWorkload Distribution System (grid engine)Web Application Delivery FabricVirtual Server Containers Commodity Hardware InfrastructureDistributed Virtual Switch 42. And heres how the Citrix Cloud C3 Reference ArchitectureCenter technologies fit intosuch an architecture.Customer Application / VM Management NetScaler MPX cloud bridgeWorkload Distribution System (grid engine)Web Application Delivery FabricRepeater XenApp XenDesktopVirtual Server ContainersDynamic Workload Provisioning XenServer Commodity Hardware InfrastructureDistributed Virtual Switch 43. Weve also recently announced Citrix Service Provider Programa Service Provider program. Citrix newest partner program Designed for service providers Monthly active subscriber pricing & licensing model Route-to-market for customers inclined to leverage hosted services 44. Enterprise Cloud is about new operating models that leverage the flexibility and agility of SaaS and IaaS.EnterpriseCloud 45. Enterprise Cloud is aboutWindows applications beingdelivered as SaaS.Windows Apps 46. Cloud-burstEnterprise Cloud is about Cloud-bursting; for example automatically load balancing application delivery sessions to the cloudwhen the physical XenApp farm is at itslimit. 47. Enterprise Cloud is about the capability to keep your data onpremise and your applications inBridgethe cloud. Apps in cloud; Data stays on premise 48. Citrix C3 Labs provides an easy way to explore these ideas at very low cost using Amazon EC2 Citrix C3C3 Lab 49. C3 Labs blueprints (recipes) are availableon the Citrix communitysite. Citrix C3 Lab Blueprints Common Scenarios Community Driven Architectural Overviews Deployment Guides Best Practices 50. Cloud is the future. Now isthe time for exploration.


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