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Presentation by K. Danupol Siamwalla (CEO, ICE Solution) at seminar on IT Trends 2014 by IMC Institute; 20-21 November 2014


  • 1. Danupol Siamwalla danupol@icesolution.comCloud Computing: From Personal Cloud to SaaSICE Solution Ltd.

2. Cloud Computing: From Personal Cloud to SaaS Your Expectation? 3. Set of ExpectationLess information and more experience and adaptationAs organisation, how you can adopt SaaSReal life Experience to share 4. ? 5. ? ? ? Digital Gap 6. Trending 2014 7. Focus Point Point 1: SaaS > IaaS > PaaS Point 2: Spear head solution and market solution Point 3: BPaaS is coming 8. Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker3-D Printing Cloud/Client Architecture The Internet of EverythingThe Era of Personal Cloud Software Dened Anything Smart Machines Mobile Apps and Applications Web-Scale IT Mobile Device Diversity and Management 9. SaaS Application 10. Case Study : DHAS Dropbox 11. ARCHITECTURE 12. 13. Existing SaaS ConceptMulti-tenant architecture Single version of the application & Infrastructure Used for all customersSome SaaS solutions do not use multi-tenancy VirtualisationMultitenant vs Virtualisation (Controversial) 14. Case Study: Important Note Management by SLA Policy ! ! 15. Important Note: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Architect Layer Process Process 16. CHARACTERISTICS 17. Congurable and Customisable Extreme fast deploymentSoftware Update mechanism Fast development, testing with single environment congurationWho own? Who Who Who Whoown own own ownsoftware? Data? Conguration? Process IP? > Competitive advantage?Rights? Rights to access conguration Rights to access data for testing purpose Rights to access user behaviour 18. ADOPTION DRIVER 19. Conclusion for Adoption reasons TCO Expense vs Investment Less Operation expense Adoption Speed and Cost Better result with regional deploymentStandardisation Standard process for easier deployment Initial conguration for faster setup & startup Gain better acceptance (from personal to enterprise)Easier Deployment & Maintenance On the y deployment and expansion Accessibility to local support Sustainability for on premises provider 20. OBSTACLES 21. With SaaS, the users do not have a copy of the executable le: it is on the server, where the users can't see or touch it. Thus it is impossible for them to ascertain what it really does, and impossible to change it. SaaS inherently gives the server operator the power to change the software in use, or the users' data being operated on.Users must send their data to the server in order to use them. This has the same effect as spyware: the server operator gets the data. She/he gets it with no special effort, by the nature of SaaS. This gives the server operator unjust power over the user. 22. OBSTACLESIdentity Management (On premises, Cloud) Security Data Integration & Synchronisation Security (Data Protection) On Premise Data Integration 23. Danupol Siamwalla danupol@icesolution.comCloud Computing: From Personal Cloud to SaaSICE Solution Ltd.


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